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Low cost dental care for kids in Chicago doesn’t skimp on personality

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Childhood is filled with magical moments that bring a smile to the face. Studies actually suggest that the average kid smiles several hundred times a day. Wouldn’t it be the best thing if the smile could be totally healthy? As a caring Chicago dental team, we love seeing the smiles of our patients. We know, however, that many children feel like doing anything but smiling when they must visit the dentist.

At Big Smile Dental, we want to change things

Low cost dental care is something Chicago families deserve. The cost of care should not dictate the level of care, though. One of our priorities in treating the children of Chicago is to make oral care a fun thing. We understand the needs and the challenges of the young smile and know which treatments will produce the best effect. We also understand something far more important to the young patient than these facts – fun! We enjoy what we do and love coming to work. When we work with children, we remember how much fun it was to be a child. While we are serious about the care we provide, we don’t feel as though we must be serious all the time, especially when a child’s attitude towards dentistry is riding on his or her experience in our office.

There are places and people that children love to see. Friends and family members who make them feel good. Fun places like the zoo. Well, we feel that it is our job to portray the dentist and dental office as a place worth visiting!

We wear “kid gloves”

Kids are like adults in many ways. In similar fashion, kids want to avoid pain. Sadly, the dentist office is, for many, a source of pain. Even if discomfort is mild, it can be enough to make a patient apprehensive about dentistry. We get it! We feel the same way! For that reason, we have instituted practices and techniques in our office that minimizes the risk of discomfort.

Our job is to help our patients, not to hurt them, even in the process of promoting oral health. To receive the level of compassion you desire from your dental team, call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400.

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