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One of the most common forms of cancer inflicting people is oral cancer. Although everyone is at risk of developing this deadly disease, the group that has most susceptibility includes male adults over the age of 40. Oral cancer is one which has one of the lowest survival rates with thousands of new cases reported every year and only less than half of them achieving cure. Oral cancer can appear on any area of the mouth like the gums, the soft palate, and lips. However, according to most cases reported to date, the most common area that this disease appears is the tongue.

One of the most unfortunate drawbacks of this disease is that patients often develop extremely painful complications from their treatments and therapies. Moreover, if treatments and therapies for this disease are not received by the patient in a timely manner, the cancer can easily spread to the face and neck, causing excruciating pain and facial disfigurement.

Some of the early signs of Oral cancer appear in the form of lumps and patchy regions and lesions in the mouth’s tissues. These symptoms may not cause any pain during the early stages, making recognition and diagnosis very difficult. One of the best ways to catch these signs and symptoms is to regularly visit the dentist as they can swiftly spot them and start an appropriate course of treatment. Some other warning signs and symptoms of oral cancer include swallowing difficulties, lumps and growths in the neck and throat areas, persistent sores and bleeding.

Biggest causes behind Oral cancer include persistent use of alcohol and tobacco, in addition to some food types, exposure to the sun, and heredity. Regardless of the causes behind this deadly disease, the best way to be one step ahead of this is to regularly visit the dentist, practice good dental hygiene and consume a diet that is abundant in fruits and vegetables.