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Our Chicago dentist discusses the benefits of in-house teeth whitening

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There is a dizzying array of whitening products, some of which you may have tried and found they failed to live up to the marketing hype. While it is possible to see modest improvements with some store-bought whiteners, these products frequently do not contain enough of the active whitening agent to make a difference in the appearance of your teeth.

The dentists at Big Smile Dental are equipped to prescribe powerful whiteners. Since these treatments contain higher concentrations of whitening agents, it is possible to achieve a smile that is many shades whiter and to achieve these dramatic whitening results safely.

Some OTC options have even been known to damage the teeth and gums. For example, you may buy dental trays that contain whitening gels at the store. You wear the trays every day for several weeks, so the gel is delivered to your teeth. In theory, teeth will look gradually whiter. The results of treatment may not be as you had hoped for, because the trays are not customized to fit your teeth. This can result in uneven whitening. Furthermore, one-size-fits-all trays can be very uncomfortable, and rub against the soft tissues of the mouth.

Professional options

Dental professionals can prescribe more powerful yet more precise and comfortable bleaching options. The trays achieve better results with minimal complications, because they are customized to fit your mouth. Although professional whitening trays are preferred to OTC trays, in-office bleaching may be preferred by patients who are in a hurry to enjoy their results.

Safety first

You can’t beat the safety of in-office whitening from Big Smile Dental. Your gums will be protected as the bleaching product is applied to your teeth. Advances in the products used during whitening treatments have minimized the odds of developing gum or tooth sensitivity, which were formerly big drawbacks to chairside procedures.

For convenience sake

You don’t have to wait for several weeks to get desired results. With Big Smile Dental’s many options for in-office whitening, BriteSmile, Zoom, and Rembrandt, you can walk into the office with yellow or stained teeth and walk with a much whiter and improved smile in about an hour! Since the bleach to whiten your teeth is applied by dental professionals, you get precise and uniform results that jibe with your goals for whitening.

More money in your pocket

“Whitening in an hour” can be cost-effective. Instead of throwing your money away on OTC products that don’t work or that cause damage requiring costly corrective treatments, you can get a much brighter smile in a single appointment. The modern bleaching agents used by Big Smile Dental provide lasting results, and the team can discuss ways to minimize the formation of new stains and prolong the outcome of treatment.

Chicago dentist Dr. Siegel discusses the benefits of professional in-house teeth whitening during a free consultation. This procedure may be standalone or combined with other treatments for a complete smile makeover. Call 773-772-8400 to schedule.

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