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Skilled Dentist in Chicago can help you reach your best smile aesthetic

Bigsmile Dental Skilled Dentist in Chicago can help you

In today’s society we are inundated with images of picture perfect smiles. Because it is next to impossible to completely avoid television and magazines, most people have the subconscious impression that a large majority of the population was born with aesthetic beauty. If your teeth are not bright as the morning sun, you may feel as though you got the short end of the stick when it comes to your smile. It doesn’t seem fair that some people are gifted with smile perfection. In truth, this is largely inaccurate anyway. Often, when you see someone whose smile looks naturally gorgeous, … Continue reading

Seeing a 60618 Cosmetic Dentist has big benefits

60618 Cosmetic Dentist has big benefits Bigsmile Dental

Beautiful teeth are something to smile about, especially when they belong to you! If you’re like most people, you have probably imagined how nice it would feel to flash a smile as gorgeous as those you see on television or in magazines. There is no mistaking the pride we naturally experience when we feel good about our appearance, nor the power of a dentist in the 60618 area skilled in cosmetic treatment, to help you achieve your best aesthetics. When cosmetic dental treatments first came about, they were often considered more of a luxury to be enjoyed by wealthy, high-profile … Continue reading

Spaced out teeth? Porcelain veneers in Chicago may be the solution.

Spaced out teeth? Porcelain veneers is solution Dr Siegle

Some families have perfect portraits, with everyone standing together nicely and smiling brightly. Others always seem to have an issue. Someone is spaced out instead of looking at the camera, and standing a noticeable distance from the next person, ruining the effect. Some smiles are like that, too. The most common offenders are the two teeth in the middle of the upper arch. Every photo they are front and center – all spaced out and ruining your smile. Why is there a gap? Gapped teeth (called Diastema in medical terms) can develop for several reasons. The most common is a … Continue reading

Reasons for Implant Treatment from your 60618 Dentist

Reasons for Implant Treatment saya Dr Siegle

If there is a gap in your smile due to the loss of a permanent tooth, you have likely heard from your dentist that replacement is necessary. Well-meaning friends and family may comment on the need to repair your smile, or you may notice the unspoken judgments of those in your workplace when the gap is discovered. To be clear, tooth replacement is not a mandatory treatment, but at Big Smile Dental, your 60618 dentist, we educate patients on the various reasons why they may want to choose dental implant treatment after tooth loss. Aesthetics is one of the primary … Continue reading

Straight talk for Chicago adults considering braces

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Talking About Chicago adults Braces

Braces aren’t just for kids anymore. The American Association of Orthodontists estimates that one of every five orthodontic patients is an adult. Healthy teeth can be straightened at any age, but “healthy” is the pivotal term. It is important to take care of existing problems like gum disease, tooth decay, or breakage before starting a plan of orthodontics. Why are grown-ups making this life changing decision? Today we know that an attractive smile with straight, evenly-spaced teeth is a proactive investment in self-esteem and future success. An increasing number of adult patients in the Chicago area are considering Braces for these … Continue reading

Crooked teeth? Why you need covert agent Invisalign, of the Chicago Smile Correction Dept. on the case

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel, Dental medical care. Invisible braces. Silicone trainer

Teeth look so innocent and inanimate, as if they were stationary objects sitting in your mouth, politely waiting to help you devour an Italian beef sandwich. They aren’t all as innocent as they seem. Crooked teeth are more common than you might think. They are lurking in mouths across Chicago, and other cities around the world. If yours is one of them, you don’t have to hide your smile, or live in fear of public ridicule when your friends and neighbors see your crooked teeth behind bars. Invisalign is metal free and discreet, but don’t be fooled by its gentle … Continue reading

Makeovers and reasons to smile

Do you avoid looking in mirrors, eating out, or speaking in public? Do you cover your mouth when you smile, and keep your lips closed tight when there is a camera around? Do you simply hate your teeth? Well, maybe they don’t like you much either.   Your hair gets its special day at the salon, and your skin gets all kinds of fancy creams. The kitchen got a new coat of paint, and the car got some wax. Yet your poor teeth just sit there, accumulating stains, decaying, and mourning their lost friends. They are treated like outcasts, hidden … Continue reading

How the results of Chicago Invisalign treatment compare to traditional braces

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel . Describing How the results of Chicago Invisalign treatment compare to traditional braces

Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments ever created. In fact, before Invisalign, the term “popular orthodontic treatment” would have been considered an oxymoron. Braces were generally thought of as a necessary evil at best, and something to be avoided like the plague at worst. Of course, to be fair, at that time braces looked like they were designed for robots, rather than human beings. How Invisalign changed the world Okay, maybe Invisalign didn’t end a war or win a Nobel Peace prize, but it certainly had a dramatic impact on the world of orthodontics. Sure, the materials … Continue reading

Dental implants: A solution for the hole problem

Your smile matters You probably wouldn’t go to a class reunion, job interview, big date, or holiday dinner with holes in your clothes. However, believe it or not, the cuff of your jacket isn’t the first thing people notice. It probably isn’t even the second or third. According to psychologists, people form “first impressions” within seconds after meeting a stranger. Many judgments are made before someone notices every detail, but one thing you can count on everyone noticing (for good or bad) is your smile. A hole in your smile can put a hole in your image, and if you … Continue reading

Restore a Complete Smile with Dentures in Chicago!

Dentures are a dental restoration that is used to restore a whole arch of missing teeth. This restoration is made using acrylic resin and is used to when a person is missing all or most of the teeth in their mouth, which is one factor in deciding which patients are suitable for dentures. Using Dentures will improve a person’s speech, chewing ability, and provide more support for their facial muscles, apart from considerably improving their smile and appearance. When obtaining a set of Dentures, only a few appointments are needed over the course of roughly one month, from start to end. … Continue reading

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