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Your Chicago Dentist can design dentures to give you a great new smile

When we smile, the last thing we want is to show off soft, pink gums and no teeth. Next in the line of nightmares is having a smile that looks anything but natural. In the good old days, dentures were so uniform and basic that every person who had a denture looked pretty much the same. Though function was restored, little though was given to the individuality of each person’s smile. Today, thankfully, we are as focused on aesthetics as we are on functionality. What this means is that your Chicago dentist doesn’t make your grandma’s dentures. On a technical … Continue reading

Fear not! The Root Canal procedure is easy with your Chicago Dentist

There are some dental procedures that are viewed in a positive light, even if one would prefer to avoid them. There are others, like the good old root canal, which has simply gotten a bad rap. Dentists do not perform root canal therapy as some kind of punishment. This procedure is actually very beneficial and – lo’ and behold – painless! Many of the patients who receive this treatment in our Chicago dental practice are surprised to learn that what they had always believed about root canal therapy is simply not true. Even better than being a painless procedure in … Continue reading

Is it time to transform your smile with LUMINEERS in Chicago?

There is a time and a place for everything. The time to feel great about our smile is always now. How our smile looks, and how we feel about this important facial feature, is directed by the appearance of our teeth. Believe it or not, we are not all predestined to gorgeous smiles, not even the people we admire in magazines or on the movie screen. In truth, most of these people have had a little – or a lot of – help getting beautifully straight, perfectly spaced, white teeth. There is no doubt that authentic beauty comes from proportions, … Continue reading

Handle missing teeth for good with help from your Chicago Dentist

Are you missing one or more teeth? Do you notice gaps when you smile? Do your dentures make you feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed? Do you long for the days when you could eat, smile, and hold a conversation without worrying that your teeth will slip out of place? Over the last century, the majority of tooth loss has been handled with dentures. At the time when dentures were at their height of popularity, there was no better option for replacing missing teeth. Therefore, the pitfalls of dentures simply had to be tolerated. Though dentists in Chicago and around the … Continue reading

Curious About Invisalign Braces Prices In Chicago?

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Describing Curious About Invisalign Braces Prices In Chicago?

Invisalign braces prices in Chicago are similar to the cost in many other major cities, but there are factors that can increase or decrease the price. There are multiple advantages of invisible braces, however, that outweigh the potential investment. Call us your cosmetic dental clinic today for a free consultation, which will include a complete explanation of the process, as well as the ability to show you a before and after image of your teeth with the help of three dimensional imaging. What Are The Invisalign Braces Prices In Chicago? Invisalign is an invisible braces system that uses customized plastic … Continue reading

How Much Do Chicago Clear Braces Cost?

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Describing How Much Do Chicago Clear Braces Cost?

Braces are a long term commitment, but a permanent solution to a misaligned smile. Sometimes genetics play a large part in how our teeth are aligned, and orthodontia can literally change your bite, your smile, and your confidence level. Most importantly, though, how much do Chicago clear braces cost? Why Do Clear Braces Sometimes Cost More? Braces in general should be looked at as a long term cost, and it often isn’t paid in one lump sum. Clear braces cost more because they must be remolded more often to maintain their invisibility. With standard metal braces, dentists can make simple … Continue reading

Avoid the Embarrassment of Traditional Braces with Chicago Invisalign Clear Braces

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Avoid the Embarrassment of Traditional Braces with Chicago Invisalign Clear Braces

Traditional metal braces are fine for children, but teens and adults often prefer the subtle aesthetic appearance of Invisalign clear braces. You shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about getting straighter teeth or fixing your bite, and Invisalign clear braces give you that flexibility. How Do Chicago Invisalign Clear Braces Work? First, you will have a free consultation with a dental professional at Big Smile Dental, who will show you before and after pictures of prior patients who already had success with Invisalign clear braces. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, learn more about the … Continue reading

Learn How You Can Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces In Chicago!

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Describing How You Can Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces In Chicago!

When you’re not comfortable with your smile, the world can tell. If you cover your mouth while smiling or laughing, it begins to wear down your self esteem. You might have considered traditional metal braces, but the idea of having a mouth full of metal is almost worse than the crooked teeth — and for two to four years, no less. There IS another solution. Learn how to straighten your teeth without braces in Chicago at Big Smile Dental, and in less time! How Can You Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces In Chicago? There is a great technique in cosmetic … Continue reading

What are Invisalign Braces?

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel, Describing What is Invisalign

If you are worried about braces and other aspects such as process, the cost, how you will look with the braces and of course the adjustments and cleaning, now there are quite a number of alternatives to wiry-looking, traditional braces of yesteryear. One such alternative which many patients are excitedly chatting about is Invisalign braces. Invisalign is not only an effective alternative but also a safe one which allows you to benefit from a variety of teeth-straightening procedures without letting the cat out of the bag about what your teeth are up to. Although these braces provide the same range … Continue reading

Why Chicago residents seek Emergency Dentistry

Owwww. You wake with a throbbing tooth and a swollen cheek. You need urgent pain relief now and then probably a root canal and crown. That’s what usually comes to mind when men and women in the Chicago area think about emergency dentistry. It is a fairly common scenario, but any dental emergency needs attention to minimize discomfort, expense, need for more extensive dental work later, and potential permanent damage. Let’s take a look at a few dental emergency situations and how they should be handled.  Dental Emergencies  Abscess. That’s the situation described above. The pain is usually acute, triggered … Continue reading

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