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Does Invisalign Fix Overbites?

Besides wanting straighter teeth, you may be contemplating Invisalign to fix your overbite. But does Invisalign fix overbites? Invisalign is a great route to take if you are looking for something that is possibly less time consuming, less noticeable, and overall, less frustrating than traditional braces. It’s like a clear retainer that works diligently (and discreetly) to remedy your smile. The most well-known uses for these clear aligners include fixing crowded teeth, gaps, and yes, even overbites. To understand if Invisalign can actually help with your overbite, it is important to know the basics. RELATED: Invisalign Braces Treatment What Defines … Continue reading

How Much Do Veneers REALLY Cost?

veneers cost

When it comes to dental work, patients just want to know the final price. So instead of beating around the bush, we wanted to break the barrier by answering this prominent question: How Much Do Veneers Cost? Because of the multiple appointments and the cost of material, veneers can cost up to $3,500  per tooth. The type of veneer and the material used will also make the price fluctuate. Here is their general guide to the average veneer cost: Traditional Veneers and No-Prep Veneers: $925-$3,500 per tooth that can last up to 15 years or more. Resin Laminate Veneers: $500 … Continue reading

Should You Get Porcelain Veneers or a Snap-On Smile?

snap on smile

Veneers are ultra-thin dental devices that help cover up tooth imperfections. A Snap-On Smile goes over all your teeth, (think Halloween vampire teeth, but straight). And if you feel self-conscious about your smile, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting some cosmetic dentistry. But should you get porcelain veneers or the Snap-On Smile? The differences between these two products is massive. One is a routine, professional procedure that gives you long-lasting effects, while the other is a quick solution that is more affordable. The current state of your teeth can help you make your decision, but you will need to know … Continue reading

How Does Invisalign Work? Process Explained by Dr. Siegel

how invisalign works

Most people are familiar with the art of cosmetic dentistry. Invisalign is one such method that is simple and affordable enough for most people to indulge in. But how does Invisalign work, exactly? If you are curious about the Invisalign process, it’s probably because you’re looking for an alternative to braces. Braces can make you feel self-conscious and can be uncomfortable, which is why Invisalign serves as a great alternative for those that qualify. I always walk my patients through the step-by-step process for getting Invisalign. But just to give you a head-start, here is everything you will need to know … Continue reading

Pros & Cons of Invisalign


Invisalign is a miraculous modern technique that most dental patients prefer to straighten their teeth with. The majority of our patients rave about the pros of this treatment, but there are cons of Invisalign as well. Here at Big Smile Dental, we like to give you all the information. The decision to invest in Invisalign should not be taken lightly. Although Invisalign is achievable for most people, it is a long-term commitment and you should make sure that you are prepared for the upkeep. At your first consultation, our dentists will discuss your health history and your expectations for Invisalign … Continue reading

What Foods You Can & Can’t Eat With Veneers


Getting veneers is a big and costly decision to make especially since it is a cosmetic dental procedure. Most insurance’s do not cover cosmetic procedures, so going into it must be a well thought out decision. One of the most important things to consider after getting veneers is the aftercare. After spending so much, who would want to ruin their veneers? That’s why we’ve come up with a guide on what foods you can and can’t have while having veneers. Temporary Veneers Some foods can stain or damage veneers depending on the type of veneers. Temporary veneers are not permanently … Continue reading

Dental Bonding: Process & Benefits

Dental Bonding In Chicago Il

The Big Smile Dental team knows that your smile isn’t quite the same as any other smile. Neither is your budget or schedule. That’s why Dr. Theodore Siegel is the dentist Chicago families in the Avondale and Logan Square areas trust for a broad range of general and cosmetic dentistry services, personalized to meet their needs. Dental bonding is an example. Versatile, economical, and efficient, dental bonding helps to keep smiles looking naturally attractive.  What is Dental Bonding? Dental Bonding is an economical cosmetic dentistry alternative. The bonding material is a composite resin – a mixture of strong and durable tooth-colored plastic, finely ground glass for its … Continue reading

Teeth Grinding Treatment (Bruxism)

Man with teeth grinding

Even though bruxism (teeth grinding) is typically viewed as an extremely annoying habit, it is also generally seen as a harmless bad habit. Nothing could be further from the truth (than the bit about it being harmless, that is) because grinding your teeth – over time- can severely damage both teeth and jaws. Bruxism can also transform your bite relationship. The habit of grinding teeth causes abrasion to the chewing surfaces… an abnormal wear and tear, which will prematurely age and loosen teeth. This, ultimately, opens the door to more problems such as hypersensitive teeth. In addition, Bruxism can lead … Continue reading

Dry Mouth

Mouth Treatment

Did you know that saliva is one of the human body’s natural defenses against plaque? You see, saliva acts to rinse your mouth of harmful materials such as bacteria that can cause cavities and other dental problems. Just an interesting bit of trivia… There is a fairly common condition that is caused by diminished saliva production. Some call this disorder Xerostomia, which is just as difficult to say as it is to spell. Others refer to this disorder as Dry Mouth, because the latter rolls off the tongue much easier and it is also much more self explanatory. This disorder … Continue reading

Dealing With an Abscessed or Infected Tooth?

Dealing With an Abscessed or Infected Tooth

Tooth decay causes damage to the core of a tooth, called the pulp. When this happens, the pulp can get infected and swollen, and pus may build up near or in the jaw bone. When left untreated, an abscessed tooth can cause other serious health problems such as destruction to surrounding tissue and bone. The most common form of treatment for an abscessed tooth is a root canal, which involves removing the infected tissue, cleansing and sealing the canal of the tooth and then restoring the tooth with a crown or a cap. An Abscessed Tooth Makes a Toothache Sound … Continue reading

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