Chicago Dentist Offers Complete Dental Exam with Full Set of X-Rays for $1

Free Dental Care At Big Smile Dental On Valentine’s Day!

Free Dental Care from Big Smile Dental Each year, our staff and some other incredible dentists in Chicago do something special for the people in our community… We open our doors and provide free dental procedures for those who would otherwise be unable to afford the care that they need.   Every year on February 14th, we hold our annual “Dentists With Heart” Valentine’s Day charity and offer free dental care to anyone – all day! This is our way of giving back to his community during these difficult economic times. Having practiced in the Logan Square/Avondale area for nearly … Continue reading

Tips For Choosing Dental Floss Types

Dental Floss

There are several floss types you can use as a part of your daily dental care routine. Manufacturers have developed several dental floss flavors, textures, colors and materials to suit the varying taste preferences of individuals as well as to meet the standards of dentists. Which types of dental floss you choose depends on the way your teeth are aligned as well as your personal preferences. Using the right dental floss daily is important to the overall health of your teeth and gums. If you aren’t sure what types of floss you should use, talk to your dentist. He or … Continue reading

Are Water Picks Good For Your Teeth?

Water Picker

When water picks first hit the market in the 1960’s, many people felt they were the answer to everything from dental cavities to gum disease. While they cannot create the perfect teeth and gums, there are benefits to using them for most individuals. The first thing to keep in mind is that water picks are not meant to replace daily brushing and flossing. What is a Water Pick? Water picks are basically dental irrigation tools similar to the ones used by dentists. They aim a stream of pulsating water or some type of dental rinse such as mouthwash into the … Continue reading

Sterilization of ‘tools’ used in a dental office

Sterilized Dental Instruments

In dentistry, sterilization of the invasive tools and instruments used is very important. Tools which are commonly sterilized include those such as detectors, mouth mirrors, pliers, elevators, dental scalars and tips. Medical technicians who are involved in the sterilization of the dental equipment and tools usually keep record of them, the chemicals which are used and the maintenance of the equipment as well. Unless the tools and dental equipment are properly sterilized, a variety of saliva and blood-borne pathogens can easily travel from patient to patient. Here are some of the ways in which tools used by a dentist are … Continue reading

How Much Do Chicago Clear Braces Cost?

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Describing How Much Do Chicago Clear Braces Cost?

Braces are a long term commitment, but a permanent solution to a misaligned smile. Sometimes genetics play a large part in how our teeth are aligned, and orthodontia can literally change your bite, your smile, and your confidence level. Most importantly, though, how much do Chicago clear braces cost? Why Do Clear Braces Sometimes Cost More? Braces in general should be looked at as a long term cost, and it often isn’t paid in one lump sum. Clear braces cost more because they must be remolded more often to maintain their invisibility. With standard metal braces, dentists can make simple … Continue reading

Chicago, IL patients ask, “Are dental veneers the perfect solution for crooked teeth?

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Big Smile Dental Providing dental veneers the perfect solution for crooked teeth

Seven seconds is all it takes to make a first impression. Having a beautiful, healthy smile improves your chances of a positive interaction. Crooked or discolored teeth can detract from your otherwise pleasing smile. In Chicago, IL, the dentists at Big Smile Dental offer services including dental veneers to perfect your smile.  What are veneers? Veneers originally came about in the late 1920’s to improve smiles for actors and actresses in Hollywood. Their smiles were improved temporarily for filming. Fast forward to today, and the technology has vastly improved. Now, everyone can have a Hollywood smile with help from the right dentist.  As thin … Continue reading

Choosing a Toothbrush

Dentist holding toothbrushes with different head and bristles

Choosing a toothbrush can be a daunting task. When you start shopping, you’ll be confronted with dozens of styles, shapes, and sizes, all promising to clean your teeth like never before. If you have seen the latest advertising these days, toothbrushes can do everything from brightening your smile to improving your social life. The truth is simpler. The most important factor in properly caring for your teeth is how often you brush, not what you brush with. After choosing a toothbrush, you should use it two to three times a day, and more often if possible. You also need to … Continue reading

Why do kids in Chicago, IL, love going to the dentist?

A kid in Dental

Childhood is a magical time, filled with hundreds of smiles every day. In fact, according to statistics, kids smile about 400 times daily, and we want every one of those smiles to be healthy. We also want to see those smiles, and lots of them. Unfortunately, smiling is the last thing most kids feel like doing when they hear the word “dentist,” so we decided to change that.  Making dental visits fun We understand children’s dental needs, common oral hygiene challenges, and the best treatments. We also understand something that can’t be learned in dental school. Actually, it’s something that … Continue reading

Look no further than your Chicago dentist for effective sleep apnea treatment

Image for sleep apnea treatment

Oral appliances available at the dentist’s office are not limited to night-guards for teeth-grinding or mouth-guards for protection while playing sports. When properly fitted by the Big Smile Dental team, an oral appliance can effectively and comfortably treat a serious medical condition affecting upwards of 18 million Americans: obstructive sleep apnea. The Dentist: On the frontline of sleep apnea If you’re like a lot of people, you are seeing the Big Smile Dental professionals at least every six months for checkups and cleanings, whereas you may only see your family doctor for the annual visit. The dentist may be the … Continue reading

Embrace your smile!

Young smiling couple

Do you have crooked teeth? If so, you know that it can be embarrassing to smile, challenging to chew, and virtually impossible to clean all of the little nooks and crannies. You’re probably saying, “I’m too old for braces.” We’ve heard it many times before, but it simply isn’t true. Every day, brave adults don metal braces and proudly flash a “tin grin.” The truth is, they work great for adults, but many of us just aren’t willing to do it. We understand. We want you to love your smile, but you don’t have to embrace it if that makes you … Continue reading

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