Chicago Dentist Offers Complete Dental Exam with Full Set of X-Rays for $1

Chicago parent’s guide to great child dental care and oral health


Nothing can warm parents’ hearts like the smiling faces of their children – and nothing can wipe the smile off of a little face as fast as a toothache. Baby teeth may be temporary, but they stay around long enough to get plaque, cavities, infections, and toothaches if neglected. At Big Smile Dental, we are committed to keeping the little smiles throughout Chicago healthy.  Early care Prevention is the best medicine. The ADA advises that children see a dentist when the first tooth erupts or by one year of age. Regular checkups are the key to detecting potential problems early, … Continue reading

Migraine Relief In Chicago: Causes Of Headaches Could Be Found At The Dentist!


If you suffer from frequent headaches, how do you know the causes of headaches aren’t something you could be easily curing at the dentist? Learning the type of headache you suffer from is often a key factor in determining the root causes of headaches. The three major types of headaches are tension headaches, sinus headaches, and migraines. Why Do Causes Of Headaches Matter? You may not really care what the causes of headaches are when you’re suffering from one. Instead, you often just want it to go away! Well, depending on what kind of headache it is, there’s a great possibility … Continue reading

Does My Child Need Dental Sealants?

Dr. Siegel with a kid

Many parents have heard about dental sealants, but aren’t exactly sure what they are or if their child needs them. Dental sealants are a protective coating placed on teeth to prevent tooth decay and cavities. These are normally placed on the back teeth or molars, over the deep and narrow grooves that are difficult to reach with normal brushing. The molars are the primary teeth used for chewing food, and therefore have the most contact with food particles in the mouth. Tooth sealants prevent food particles from entering these deep grooves in the molars, and help keep out oral bacteria. … Continue reading

Chicagoland dentist provides tips on choosing the best veneer

Woman with smile

Porcelain veneers are an easy way to improve the look of your smile quickly. They may be used on their own to fill gaps, correct an undesirable shape, smooth chips, or cover up teeth that can’t be whitened with bleaching procedures such as office power whitening. This type of treatment may also be combined with other procedures such as Invisalign for straightening or tooth-colored crowns to rebuild damaged teeth as part of a comprehensive smile makeover. Many of the procedures that may be combined with porcelain veneers as part of a smile makeover are also alternatives to veneers. If Big Smile Dental finds that porcelain veneers are the best … Continue reading

The true story behind false teeth

Elderly Woman with Dentures

Dentistry has come a long way, thanks to extensive research, modern technology, and innovative techniques. Although dentures remain the most common solution for missing teeth, today’s dentures bear little resemblance to Granny’s dentures. Nearly everything has changed, from the way we take impressions to how dentures are made. Chicago’s finest dentists, at Big Smile Dental, can craft dentures so realistic that everyone will think they are real teeth. The process starts with a consultation. We want to make sure your mouth is healthy, and that dentures are right for you. We will explain other options, such as dental bridges, to … Continue reading

Pros and cons of dentures in Chicago, IL

Old man and woman

In the early days of dentistry, there was one type of denture. It was big, bulky, and only minimally helpful when chewing. Fortunately, things have changed. Today’s cosmetic dentures are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. There are several options available, depending on your situation. Partials If you only have a few missing teeth, and the rest are standing strong, then partial dentures might be a good solution. They are custom-made to replace only the teeth that are missing, and fit around the others. The traditional alternative to partials is a fixed bridge. The greatest advantage of a bridge is stability. It … Continue reading

Replacing Missing Teeth – What Are Your Options?


Replacing missing teeth is crucial to your dental health. If you have missing teeth, you can have difficulty chewing, talking, and even breathing properly. Missing teeth can also lead to a shift in the location of your remaining teeth, which can lead to problems with your bite and even pain in the mouth and jaw due to improper alignment. Missing teeth also affect your appearance; your cheeks may appear more sunken and you’ll probably find yourself covering your mouth to hide any embarrassing gaps in your teeth. But how do you go about replacing missing teeth? Quite frankly, you can’t … Continue reading

Did You Know That Bulimia Nervosa Affects Oral Health?

A Girl Looking at Her Food

Many of the behaviors associated with eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, cause changes in the mouth. Examples of these behaviors include self-induced vomiting, the use of diuretics and laxatives, or binge eating. Eating disorders are known to cause severe digestive and general health problems… and oral health is affected as well. For example, bulimia nervosa may result in poorly fitting braces and fillings. Repeated episodes of vomiting are common with those suffering bulimia nervosa disorders. Vomiting releases harmful stomach acids which wear away tooth enamel. Over time these acids will lead to gingivitis and severe tooth decay. … Continue reading

How long do teeth whitening procedures take?

Beautiful woman Smile

Although many of us consider teeth whitening as a tool for better appearance, getting your teeth whitened actually does wonders to your self-confidence and enhances your personality. If you are looking for whiter teeth, there are usually two options: professional in-office treatment and at-home whitening treatment. Most people do both. No matter which method is used, it is best to consult a professional dentist first. Professional in-office treatment is done in the dental office, and a color change is noticed immediately. Your dentist may start by cleaning the stains and tartar from your teeth prior to the treatment. The pre-treatment … Continue reading

Fluorosis Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment


Fluoride is a healthy compound that promotes strong teeth and has the ability to fight cavities and other dental problems… in normal doses. It can be found in safe drinking water, and ADA approved toothpaste, but exposure to too much fluoride can result in fluorosis. In addition, this dental problem may be caused by toothpaste or rinses that contain fluoride if they are accidentally swallowed, or if left to sit on the teeth too long.  What does Fluorosis do, anyways? While fluorosis does not greatly affect your health, it can create concerns with appearance as the related problems are aesthetic, … Continue reading

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