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Chicago residents, read about a real tooth vs. an implant tooth

Real teeth vs. implant teeth, which are better? Real teeth, that is, the permanent set of teeth, have been around since the tooth fairy whisked away the final baby tooth and left the last bit of change. Most adults have their permanent set of real teeth, which are strong, resilient, durable, and beautiful. However, they can be subject to disease, accident, and other forms of damage and loss. Dental implants are used to replace those real teeth that have been lost due to those reasons. They are also made to be as close in form and function as possible to … Continue reading

Chicago dentists help you beat your bad breath

  You’ve come to the right place to beat your bad breath. The majority of mouth odors really do start in your mouth. Big Smile Dental can detect the many oral health-related causes to effectively treat this embarrassing condition. Not all bad breath is created equal Many types of odors can seemingly come from your mouth. Medical conditions may produce distinct smells, including: Sweet or fruity — Indicates uncontrolled diabetes Fecal — Possible sign of intestinal blockage In most cases, bad breath or halitosis originates from food that remains in the mouth. If not removed properly with adequate brushing and … Continue reading

Chicago dentist dispels myths and answers, “Why does my tooth hurt after a root canal?”’

Dental Implant Dentist Chicago

Trust Big Smile Dental when the team says root canals are not a source of pain, but rather a way to relieve pain. This statement gets to the root of the biggest misconceptions about this common therapy. Root canal treatment is often the only way to save a badly damaged or infected tooth. By the time treatment from your experienced Chicagoland dentist is sought, you may be in severe pain. The pain is due to an infection that has progressed to the delicate center of the tooth or pulp. ABC’s of root canal therapy Generally, treatment is designed to remove … Continue reading

Chicago dentist explains that teeth implants work just like real teeth

A tooth is made of many different parts and the dental implant procedure takes this feature into account to produce the most natural looking and natural functioning tooth replacement option available. Each of your teeth have different functions. For instance, the pointy canine teeth are designed to tear food. The wide molars at the back of the mouth grind food so it can be swallowed and digested properly. The relationship between the teeth, tongue, and lips helps you speak properly, which is why people who lose their teeth may develop a lisp or other problems with how words are pronounced. … Continue reading

Award-winning local dentist explains why you should choose your cosmetic dentist in Chicago, IL carefully

Choose your cosmetic dentist in chicago il carefully

In theory, many dentists may have the training necessary to provide cosmetic procedures. Just as you would go to a dermatologist rather than a family doctor for the treatment of skin cancers, professionals with extensive cosmetic dental expertise distinguish themselves with their level of experience and knowledge of aesthetic procedures. The number of “crowns” on heads, not crowned teeth, are an indication of Big Smile Dental’s focus on treatment as beautiful as it is functional. The competitive pageant contestants and other recognizable Chicagoland celebrities featured on this website trust their high-profile smiles and appearance to Dr. Siegel and his team. … Continue reading

Language may differ, but smiling is a universal communication tool, so be sure yours looks its best

Universal Smile

Technology and the ease of travel have bridged the miles. In this global environment, you can count on certain basic emotions being understood by savvy Chicagoans and isolated villagers in southwest Africa alike. Researchers have found reactions of amusement, anger, terror, and sadness are interpreted the same way by wildly different cultures across the world. Laughter is a particularly well-understood as it is universally associated with tickling, playful communication, and happiness. Usually, laughing is also associated with genuine smiles. That said, considering if smiling is universal comes down to also considering this facial feature as among those expressions interpreted differently … Continue reading

Chicago dentist discusses factors behind: “Crowns or fillings — which is a better choice?”

Big Smile Dental offers fillings and crowns that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The team will select the best option for you and your long-term needs. The best option is usually the one that requires the least extensive procedure. When considering crowns versus fillings, the most conservative procedure is the filling because it retains more natural tooth structure. Not every patient is a good candidate for a filling. Some patients may need a crown to restore the tooth to its natural function and beautiful appearance, so the question of: “Crowns or fillings — which is a better choice?” … Continue reading

Don’t like dentures? Chicago dentist discusses what are your other options

Don’t like dentures? You may be wondering what are your other options. If you think of these dental appliances as bulky, ill-fitting, and fake-looking, your perception may need a makeover. Dentures are often associated with replacing all of your teeth, but you may not need a complete denture. Partial dentures replace some missing teeth. Rethink conventional dentures It’s normal for dentures to feel a little strange at first. When paired with skilled professionals, modern technologies and materials result in dentures as comfortable as they are realistic. Prosthetic teeth and a gum-colored base are designed to securely fit in the mouth … Continue reading

Chicago patients ask, “Does healthy teeth help maintain a healthy heart?”

It’s been said that your oral health is a window into the health of the rest of your body. It wouldn’t be a complete discussion about the “mouth-body connection” without exploring one of the most powerful consequences of healthy teeth, which is a healthy heart. Accordingly, if your teeth are not at their best, you may be at greater risk for conditions beyond the teeth and gums. How can teeth affect the heart? The problems with decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria and inflammation. Of course, you can’t avoid bacteria. It’s estimated 500 to 650 different bacterial species … Continue reading

Chicago dentist offers 5 tips to make the most of your visit

  Maintaining oral health is a shared responsibility between Big Smile Dental and the patient. As such, Dr. Siegel and his team offer 5 tips to make the most of a dentist visit. Keep regular checkups An underlying problem may exist, even if you don’t have bleeding or red gums, discomfort, or other symptoms. Only your dentist will know for sure. For this reason, it’s important to keep appointments as recommended by the dentists at Big Smile Dental. They will examine your teeth and mouth and identify appropriate treatments if you have an underlying condition. Importantly, these appointments help prevent … Continue reading

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