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Chicago dentist discusses factors behind: “Crowns or fillings — which is a better choice?”

Big Smile Dental offers fillings and crowns that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The team will select the best option for you and your long-term needs. The best option is usually the one that requires the least extensive procedure. When considering crowns versus fillings, the most conservative procedure is the filling because it retains more natural tooth structure. Not every patient is a good candidate for a filling. Some patients may need a crown to restore the tooth to its natural function and beautiful appearance, so the question of: “Crowns or fillings — which is a better choice?” … Continue reading

Don’t like dentures? Chicago dentist discusses what are your other options

Don’t like dentures? You may be wondering what are your other options. If you think of these dental appliances as bulky, ill-fitting, and fake-looking, your perception may need a makeover. Dentures are often associated with replacing all of your teeth, but you may not need a complete denture. Partial dentures replace some missing teeth. Rethink conventional dentures It’s normal for dentures to feel a little strange at first. When paired with skilled professionals, modern technologies and materials result in dentures as comfortable as they are realistic. Prosthetic teeth and a gum-colored base are designed to securely fit in the mouth … Continue reading

Chicago patients ask, “Does healthy teeth help maintain a healthy heart?”

It’s been said that your oral health is a window into the health of the rest of your body. It wouldn’t be a complete discussion about the “mouth-body connection” without exploring one of the most powerful consequences of healthy teeth, which is a healthy heart. Accordingly, if your teeth are not at their best, you may be at greater risk for conditions beyond the teeth and gums. How can teeth affect the heart? The problems with decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria and inflammation. Of course, you can’t avoid bacteria. It’s estimated 500 to 650 different bacterial species … Continue reading

Chicago dentist offers 5 tips to make the most of your visit

  Maintaining oral health is a shared responsibility between Big Smile Dental and the patient. As such, Dr. Siegel and his team offer 5 tips to make the most of a dentist visit. Keep regular checkups An underlying problem may exist, even if you don’t have bleeding or red gums, discomfort, or other symptoms. Only your dentist will know for sure. For this reason, it’s important to keep appointments as recommended by the dentists at Big Smile Dental. They will examine your teeth and mouth and identify appropriate treatments if you have an underlying condition. Importantly, these appointments help prevent … Continue reading

Many people ask, “Is chewing gum good or bad for teeth?”

There are food and drink “good guys” and “bad guys.” Gum can be a “good guy” or a “bad guy” depending on the type of gum you are chewing. Some types may actually protect your teeth from decay and disease, while others contribute to the development of these destructive conditions. What you eat and drink affects your oral health because the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth flourish on the sugars in foods and beverages. If sugars aren’t removed with diligent, consistent brushing and flossing, a sticky acidic film forms. The acids in plaque carve a destructive path through your … Continue reading

Our Chicago dentist discusses the benefits of in-house teeth whitening

There is a dizzying array of whitening products, some of which you may have tried and found they failed to live up to the marketing hype. While it is possible to see modest improvements with some store-bought whiteners, these products frequently do not contain enough of the active whitening agent to make a difference in the appearance of your teeth. The dentists at Big Smile Dental are equipped to prescribe powerful whiteners. Since these treatments contain higher concentrations of whitening agents, it is possible to achieve a smile that is many shades whiter and to achieve these dramatic whitening results … Continue reading

Answer to, “What should I look for in a cosmetic dentist?” should account for functional considerations

The Big Smile Dental team is glad you found them when searching for an answer to: “What should I look for in a cosmetic dentist?” Dr. Siegel wants to help keep you and your family’s teeth at their healthiest and looking their best, but Big Smile Dental also understands there are many choices for dental treatment in Chicago. A good starting point is to know a little more about the procedures cosmetic dentists perform. Would you like to get a brighter, whiter smile safely and in no time? Dr. Siegel offers effective options to whiten your teeth in about an hour. … Continue reading

Chicago patients get answers to, “Can dental bonding alter the look and feel of your teeth?”

Dental Bonding Chicago

Dental bonding replaces your tooth’s natural structure, so if you’re wondering: “Can dental bonding alter the look and feel of your teeth?” be aware that any changes are for the better. Notably, you will experience good outcomes when the procedure is in the capable hands of the skilled and experienced professionals at Big Smile Dental. How does dental bonding improve my teeth? A composite resin is applied to the tooth. The procedure gets its name as this plastic that resembles the natural enamel and dentin is bonded or securely fixed to the existing tooth structure. Since resin must be matched to … Continue reading

Chicago dentist corrects gumminess with crown lengthening for a prettier smile

If instead of a smile in the mirror all you see are pink gums staring back, a crown lengthening procedure may be in your future. Crown lengthening is an effective way to correct a gummy smile. Why does my smile look so pink? Your smile can appear gummy when too much gingival tissue covers the tooth. This condition can be caused by variations in the way teeth erupt or develop in the mouth. Usually teeth stop moving through the gums and supportive bone in your late teens and early 20s as the upper and lower teeth come together and as … Continue reading

Chicagoland dentist answers question, “What is the best tooth replacement option?”

The most beautiful tooth is the one you grew into, but with time that tooth may have lost its attractiveness and even its functionality. If you are looking to replace one or more teeth, Big Smile Dental has a number of options to get you looking and feeling your best. It should be said there is no single answer to the question, “What is the best tooth replacement option?” In fact, if you are missing more than one tooth Big Smile Dental staff may even use more than one of these options for tooth replacement. In the past, pulling a … Continue reading

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