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Answer to, “What should I look for in a cosmetic dentist?” should account for functional considerations

The Big Smile Dental team is glad you found them when searching for an answer to: “What should I look for in a cosmetic dentist?” Dr. Siegel wants to help keep you and your family’s teeth at their healthiest and looking their best, but Big Smile Dental also understands there are many choices for dental treatment in Chicago. A good starting point is to know a little more about the procedures cosmetic dentists perform. Would you like to get a brighter, whiter smile safely and in no time? Dr. Siegel offers effective options to whiten your teeth in about an hour. … Continue reading

Get affordable care with Chicago dentist offering options for every budget

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel offering options for every budget

Does your fear of the dentist have nothing to do with the sound of the drill or the potential for pain and everything to do with the stress dental treatment may place on your budget? If so, ease these fears with Big Smile Dental, a trusted partner with a modern approach to technologies and techniques that helps to reduce financial burdens. Options for every budget Big Smile Dental’s approach provides many options for treatment as well as for payment, such as pre-payment discounts that reduce the size of your total bill. No-interest financing can stretch the amount you owe over many … Continue reading

Chicago patients get answers to, “Can dental bonding alter the look and feel of your teeth?”

Dental Bonding Chicago

Dental bonding replaces your tooth’s natural structure, so if you’re wondering: “Can dental bonding alter the look and feel of your teeth?” be aware that any changes are for the better. Notably, you will experience good outcomes when the procedure is in the capable hands of the skilled and experienced professionals at Big Smile Dental. How does dental bonding improve my teeth? A composite resin is applied to the tooth. The procedure gets its name as this plastic that resembles the natural enamel and dentin is bonded or securely fixed to the existing tooth structure. Since resin must be matched to … Continue reading

Chicago dentist corrects gumminess with crown lengthening for a prettier smile

If instead of a smile in the mirror all you see are pink gums staring back, a crown lengthening procedure may be in your future. Crown lengthening is an effective way to correct a gummy smile. Why does my smile look so pink? Your smile can appear gummy when too much gingival tissue covers the tooth. This condition can be caused by variations in the way teeth erupt or develop in the mouth. Usually teeth stop moving through the gums and supportive bone in your late teens and early 20s as the upper and lower teeth come together and as … Continue reading

Chicagoland dentist answers question, “What is the best tooth replacement option?”

The most beautiful tooth is the one you grew into, but with time that tooth may have lost its attractiveness and even its functionality. If you are looking to replace one or more teeth, Big Smile Dental has a number of options to get you looking and feeling your best. It should be said there is no single answer to the question, “What is the best tooth replacement option?” In fact, if you are missing more than one tooth Big Smile Dental staff may even use more than one of these options for tooth replacement. In the past, pulling a … Continue reading

Dentist discusses factors that contribute to long-term success of dental implants

Happy Dental Patient

Happy patient Dental implant-supported teeth are designed to last just as long as you do! After all, these new teeth rebuild extracted teeth from the root up. The dental implant itself is the tooth root, while the crown is the white part everyone sees above your gums. These two pieces are joined by a connector or abutment. Before the implant is even placed, Big Smile Dental staff will discuss factors that may affect the long-term success and lifespan of the new tooth. For instance, the negative effects of nicotine in cigarettes and chewing tobacco is well documented, but did you … Continue reading

Dentist urges parents: Get your child started with good oral health habits

When your child has good experiences at the dentist in the early years, he or she will carry those experiences into adulthood. Conversely, negative experiences as a child can create a fearful adult. Some adults are so fearful of the dentist that they only seek treatment when the dental condition has become excruciating. Pain of such magnitude can be a red flag for a serious infection known as an abscess. These types of infections can spread to other parts of the face and body. Generally, it’s recommended the first dental visit be scheduled before a child’s first birthday. The proper … Continue reading

How to Care for Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers on Teeth

You are already aware of good oral health habits. You may be maintaining an already nice smile with consistent, thorough brushing and flossing and keeping regular appointments with Big Smile Dental staff. However, you may have noticed teeth have darkened a bit or chips have formed over time. Veneers, which include a product branded as Lumineers, may be used to correct unsightly gray or dark yellow discoloration and uneven surfaces. Perhaps you are just now getting back into good habits after restoring your smile. Veneers may be one part of that smile makeover. To keep your new teeth looking and … Continue reading

Chicagoland dentist provides tips on choosing the best veneer

Woman with smile

Porcelain veneers are an easy way to improve the look of your smile quickly. They may be used on their own to fill gaps, correct an undesirable shape, smooth chips, or cover up teeth that can’t be whitened with bleaching procedures such as office power whitening. This type of treatment may also be combined with other procedures such as Invisalign for straightening or tooth-colored crowns to rebuild damaged teeth as part of a comprehensive smile makeover. Many of the procedures that may be combined with porcelain veneers as part of a smile makeover are also alternatives to veneers. If Big Smile Dental finds … Continue reading

Celebrity Smiles made famous by Cosmetic Dentistry

Celebrity Smiles

  Google celebrity smiles and a number of famous faces will appear in the search results. Yet Tom Cruise didn’t always have perfectly shaped or straight teeth and Sharon Stone’s teeth weren’t always so pearly. In some respects, these celebrity smiles were made famous by cosmetic dentistry. Perhaps inspired by these A-listers, the popularity of cosmetic dental procedures grows every year. Crowns and bonding remain the No. 1 most popular cosmetic procedure, as noted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Veneers and whitening round out the top four treatments, and are likely the first options that come to mind … Continue reading

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