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Chicago dentist answers, “Are porcelain veneers responsible for the smiles near me?”

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Are people in Chicago taking better care of their teeth? It seems so, any time you look around a board room or at your social media newsfeed. You may be wondering, “Were the gorgeous smiles near me created by porcelain veneers?” Dr. Theodore Siegel explains that this is likely.


By the numbers


In 2010, The New York Times indicated the number of patients with dental veneers increased by 15 percent from 2004 to 2006, to nearly 600,000 people. The popularity of this smile enhancement method has continued to grow in Chicago and across the globe.


Why? Statistic Brain reports that 96 percent of adults believe an attractive smile makes an individual more appealing to the opposite sex. Seventy-four percent believe an unattractive smile hurts a person’s chance of career success. In addition, materials and techniques continue to improve. Today, the procedure is precise and straightforward.


What to expect


  • At the first appointment, the dentist prepares the teeth. A small amount of enamel is removed so that the shell of porcelain can fit snugly and look natural. Some very thin materials do not require enamel reduction.
  • Impressions are taken. Molds may be made with a traditional gooey compound, or taken with sophisticated three-dimensional imaging technology.
  • Impressions and detailed shading information are sent to a professional dental lab where veneers are fabricated and stained to match (or improve) the color of your smile.
  • Teeth may be protected with temporary resin veneers during the several weeks it takes for fabrication.
  • When you return to the dentist, teeth are treated with a special solution that improves bonding.
  • Veneers are cemented into place, and polished to perfection.
  • You leave with a beautiful new smile.


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