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Chicago dentist answers, “Are porcelain veneers responsible for the smiles near me?”

Are people in Chicago taking better care of their teeth? It seems so, any time you look around a board room or at your social media newsfeed. You may be wondering, “Were the gorgeous smiles near me created by porcelain veneers?” Dr. Theodore Siegel explains that this is likely.   By the numbers   In 2010, The New York Times indicated the number of patients with dental veneers increased by 15 percent from 2004 to 2006, to nearly 600,000 people. The popularity of this smile enhancement method has continued to grow in Chicago and across the globe.   Why? Statistic … Continue reading

Porcelain dental veneers bring the Hollywood Smile to Chicago

Broad, dazzling grins like those of Matt Damon and Eva Mendes exemplify the “Hollywood Smile.” However, silver screen smiles didn’t always exist. Here is some fun history about the man who made porcelain dental veneers the hallmark of celebrity smiles. Today, Chicago women and men – from stay-at-home wives to business moguls – are also taking advantage of this transformation.   Man behind the magic   In the 1920s most people didn’t take good care of their teeth. “Talking pictures” emerged in 1928, creating a need for actors who spoke well and looked good doing so. Unfortunately, many performers had … Continue reading

Are cosmetic teeth a viable alternative to porcelain veneers? Dentist in Chicago compares

cosmetic teeth a viable alternative to porcelain veneers

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Cosmetic teeth are popping up on TV and the internet. They are marketed as instant veneers, party teeth, or novelty teeth. In reality these gadgets bear no resemblance to quality cosmetic treatment from a reputable dentist. Dr. Theodore Siegel compares porcelain veneers to cosmetic teeth, to help patients in Chicago make informed decisions. Similarities . . . kinda, sorta, not really Veneers are thin shells of porcelain with the luster of healthy, natural tooth structure. They are precisely designed by a dentist and fabricated at a professional dental lab … Continue reading

How to Care for Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers on Teeth

You are already aware of good oral health habits. You may be maintaining an already nice smile with consistent, thorough brushing and flossing and keeping regular appointments with Big Smile Dental staff. However, you may have noticed teeth have darkened a bit or chips have formed over time. Veneers, which include a product branded as Lumineers, may be used to correct unsightly gray or dark yellow discoloration and uneven surfaces. Perhaps you are just now getting back into good habits after restoring your smile. Veneers may be one part of that smile makeover. To keep your new teeth looking and … Continue reading

Chicago, turn to “mighty multitaskers” of the dental world, Porcelain Veneers, for a dazzling smile

Let’s say the bleaching trays didn’t take. Your stains were resistant to in-office, at-home treatments, or a combination of both. Nevertheless, you’re not “stuck” with discolored teeth. Even the darkest stains are no match for these ultrathin layers of porcelain; bonded to your natural teeth, they cover stubborn surface stains caused by years of coffee consumption or deeper stains caused by cumulative wear, excess fluoride, or certain medications. Unlike whitening treatments, veneers make a number of other embarrassing conditions in the way of your dazzling smile disappear, including: Fractures, chips and breaks Crowding or uneven spacing Gaps in front teeth … Continue reading

Is it time to transform your smile with LUMINEERS in Chicago?

There is a time and a place for everything. The time to feel great about our smile is always now. How our smile looks, and how we feel about this important facial feature, is directed by the appearance of our teeth. Believe it or not, we are not all predestined to gorgeous smiles, not even the people we admire in magazines or on the movie screen. In truth, most of these people have had a little – or a lot of – help getting beautifully straight, perfectly spaced, white teeth. There is no doubt that authentic beauty comes from proportions, … Continue reading

Makeovers and reasons to smile

Do you avoid looking in mirrors, eating out, or speaking in public? Do you cover your mouth when you smile, and keep your lips closed tight when there is a camera around? Do you simply hate your teeth? Well, maybe they don’t like you much either.   Your hair gets its special day at the salon, and your skin gets all kinds of fancy creams. The kitchen got a new coat of paint, and the car got some wax. Yet your poor teeth just sit there, accumulating stains, decaying, and mourning their lost friends. They are treated like outcasts, hidden … Continue reading

Need smile perfection fast for a job interview in Chicago? Think porcelain veneers!

Chicago is the city that works. World Business Chicago reports that our July 2013 unemployment rate is down compared to the previous month, and that the metro area currently employs about 4,443 million residents. New employment opportunities are popping up in the windy city in sectors like education, health and social services, professional services, arts and entertainment, tourism, real estate, finance and insurance, and manufacturing. If you are being interviewed for one of those coveted position, the hiring manager (or, gulp, hiring TEAM) is assessing every aspect of your appearance . . . including your smile. Why? Because your grooming, … Continue reading

The tooth of the matter: Not all Chicago cosmetic dentistry is created equal

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel, Smiling woman with silicone trainer close up.

There was a time when a dentist was no more than a tooth repair-person, but those days are long gone, and today’s patients expect more from dentistry. You want to love your smile, and attract attention for all the right reasons every time you open your mouth. For your most beautiful smile, you need a cosmetic dentist. What certification? You might assume that anyone in Chicago calling herself or himself a cosmetic dentist has received specific training and passed cosmetic dentistry certification to earn the right to that title. You would be wrong. Cosmetic dentists are not required to have … Continue reading

Smile Confidently with Veneers

Opting for one or more of the many cosmetic dentistry procedures or treatments in Chicago to improve the appearance of a person’s smile will offer them a lot of benefits, and these benefits significantly outweigh the drawbacks. A smile that is white, straight, and youthful gives that person an appearance that is younger and more appealing. Among the most ideal and permanent ways to get a stunning, eye-catching smile is to opt for veneers. If a person has been looking for a way to get that Hollywood smile, they can do so by opting for veneers. A person who undergoes a … Continue reading

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