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Restore a Complete Smile with Dentures in Chicago!

Dentures are a dental restoration that is used to restore a whole arch of missing teeth. This restoration is made using acrylic resin and is used to when a person is missing all or most of the teeth in their mouth, which is one factor in deciding which patients are suitable for dentures. Using Dentures will improve a person’s speech, chewing ability, and provide more support for their facial muscles, apart from considerably improving their smile and appearance.

When obtaining a set of Dentures, only a few appointments are needed over the course of roughly one month, from start to end. During the first appointment, there is a preliminary diagnosis. The second appointment will entail an impression of the patient’s jaw being taken by using special devices and equipment to verify the appropriate jaw position along with the vertical dimension. In addition to this, the shade of the patient’s natural teeth will matched to ensure the dentures fit in with the rest of the mouth. Using this mold, a dental lab will create and send the dentures to the dentist, ready the patient to use.

When getting dentures, patients have a couple of options of choose from. Complete dentures are one type of denture, and they mainly used to replace a whole arch of missing teeth on either or both the upper jaw as well as the lower jaw. The other type of denture is the Partial Dentures, which can be removed when needed and are used to replace a few missing teeth. The latter type of denture will fill in the gaps left by missing teeth to stop the remaining teeth from shifting, and will give a fuller smile. The ‘teeth’ on the partial dentures will be attached to plastic bases are the pink or the same color as the patient’s gums.