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Restore your smile with dental implants from Dentist Chicago

Your smile is the best foot you could ever put through the door. With this in mind, it is interesting to ponder the old saying “put your best foot forward.” In reality, it is our smile that we first share with strangers, whom we really never know the significance they may have in our life. That person you meet in the elevator may be your future boss or client, or possibly your soon-to-be romantic partner. Whoever you are and whatever you do, know this: your smile will be noticed by other people.

The smile is one of our most prominent features. When you think about people you have met, there will be only a handful of those whom you remember their smile. Some will be noted due to their natural beauty. Others, sadly, are likely memorable for unpleasant reasons such as discoloration or missing teeth. When you want to really feel good about your smile, and have confidence that it is portraying you as you would like, it is important to restore function and beauty in the best way possible. When tooth loss has occurred, this means to restore your smile with dental implants from your dentist in Chicago.

What’s so special about dental implants?

Historically, missing teeth have been replaced with bridgework. That is, when only one tooth or a few teeth have been lost. In some instances, a patient will need to receive full smile restoration, something typically accomplished with dentures. Today, patients have a different choice, and one that is worth their investigative effort.

Dental implants are tiny cylinders that are intended for the replacement of a missing root. If one tooth is missing, a single implant “post” can be inserted to replace that root. If several teeth are missing, the dentist has the ability to determine how many implants are needed to fully restore function.

Why not just stick with what’s “tried and true?” Well, while we are familiar with bridgework and dentures , this familiarity does not necessary equal quality. Yes, your dentist can design a beautiful bridge or well-fitting denture. But each of these restorations sits on top of the gums. The implant is special because it becomes fused into healthy bone tissue in the jaw in the months after treatment.  It is this fusion that creates stability only rivaled by natural teeth.

Want to regain not only an attractive smile but also one that won’t fall out when you laugh? See your dentist in Chicago for details on dental implants.