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Crooked teeth? Why you need covert agent Invisalign, of the Chicago Smile Correction Dept. on the case

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Teeth look so innocent and inanimate, as if they were stationary objects sitting in your mouth, politely waiting to help you devour an Italian beef sandwich. They aren’t all as innocent as they seem. Crooked teeth are more common than you might think. They are lurking in mouths across Chicago, and other cities around the world. If yours is one of them, you don’t have to hide your smile, or live in fear of public ridicule when your friends and neighbors see your crooked teeth behind bars. Invisalign is metal free and discreet, but don’t be fooled by its gentle ways. It means business, and it can straighten your teeth right up.

What went wrong?

Teeth can be crooked for a lot of reasons. Some teeth are just born that way. Sometimes they go astray because of conditions early in their life, when the impressionable jawbone is still forming. Early orthodontics can usually help, but without that intervention, the corruption can go beyond just teeth, to bite problems like overbite or underbite. Then there are cases where the teeth start out standing straight and tall, being good members of the oral community, and something leads them astray. They aren’t entirely inanimate; they can move, it just happens gradually. With the support of their neighbors, good teeth resist the temptation to shift. But, if one of those neighbors moves out and the space remains vacant, they will start leaning towards the gap.

Dangers of crooked teeth

A bad bite is really bad news. It can cause jaw pain, and even migraine-like headaches as well as tooth damage. Badly crowded teeth can damage each other competing for space. That usually happens when a wisdom tooth is involved (many of them are born troublemakers). Otherwise, to be honest, crooked teeth themselves are pretty harmless. But, they love to associate with the scum of the oral community, that sticky-icky stuff we call plaque. When the toothbrush and floss come through to clean up the neighborhood, they can’t always get in the tight spaces, and sometimes they miss nooks and crannies around those crooked teeth. Bacteria and other nefarious characters hide out, vandalizing the tooth enamel and creating cavities. When plaque stays too long it becomes tartar, the true hardened criminal of the mouth. It crawls down to tooth roots, separating the gums from teeth, and eventually attacks the bone, in a condition called periodontal disease.

Don’t worry – crooked teeth and bad bites are no match for Invisalign. Call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 and schedule a consultation to learn more.

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