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Language may differ, but smiling is a universal communication tool, so be sure yours looks its best

Technology and the ease of travel have bridged the miles. In this global environment, you can count on certain basic emotions being understood by savvy Chicagoans and isolated villagers in southwest Africa alike.

Researchers have found reactions of amusement, anger, terror, and sadness are interpreted the same way by wildly different cultures across the world. Laughter is a particularly well-understood as it is universally associated with tickling, playful communication, and happiness. Usually, laughing is also associated with genuine smiles. That said, considering if smiling is universal comes down to also considering this facial feature as among those expressions interpreted differently by different individuals from across the world.

For example, in some Asian countries a smile may convey a lack of self-control or seriousness. Context plays a part. Smiling for your driver’s license photo could be construed as your not taking the business of driving as seriously as you should. In the West, smiling is associated with all sorts of warm, fuzzy emotions, though smiling a little too big and “fake” may be considered universally smarmy!

These nuances in facial expression are much like how other ways emotions may be conveyed are interpreted differently depending on where you’re from. For instance, a “thumb’s up” would be considered a positive sign in Chicago but in many African countries a thumb turned upward would be an insult.

While there may be some differences between how smiles are interpreted across the world, a beautiful smile is prized across the generations. A well-known Kelton Research/American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry study found a good smile was more valued than other coveted physical characteristics, such as silky and well-conditioned hair or a physically fit physique. A nice smile was also considered a timeless characteristic, with the power to make a chronologically older person appear vibrant and youthful.

Maintaining or restoring the beloved smile

Big Smile Dental understands a nice smile is also a healthy smile. Teeth and gum tissue plagued by disease and decay may present with chips, discoloration, browns spots, pits, and swelling at the gumline.

Dr. Siegel and his team partner with you and your loved ones to ensure teeth remain their healthiest. Healthy teeth are generally free of chips, deep stains, poor shape, and asymmetry caused by excessive wear or recessed gums. Partnering means sticking to ongoing examinations and professional cleanings at intervals suggested by the doctor.

Should your teeth be less than their best, the dental team can restore their healthy look, feel, and function with the comprehensive services you can expect from a leading general and cosmetic dentist in Chicago. Call 773-772-8400 to schedule an appointment and experience a universally satisfying approach to dentistry.