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Some surprising reasons Chicago patients schedule Teeth Whitening

You may take your smile for granted, but it reveals a lot about you. That realization could be why an increasing number of Chicago area smiles are looking bright and beautiful through the magic of professional teeth whitening.

Fast in-office whitening or convenient take home trays can safely erase years of food stains, tobacco use, and other causes of discoloration. But why bother? Some of the reasons Chicagoans want whiter teeth might surprise you.

Affordable appearance boost. Teeth whitening is one of the most economical cosmetic treatments available. With the oversight of a trained dental team, you get results as dramatic as you desire and maintain them. Over the counter remedies don’t contain professional strength bleaching agents, and the cost of these ineffective products really adds up over time.

Compliment other treatments. A bright smile naturally enhances other dentistry procedures, and facial rejuvenation treatments like Botox, dermal fillers, and cosmetic surgery.

Confidence for special situations. Weddings, class reunions, family get-togethers, and board room presentations trigger a lot of anxiety about appearance. Teeth whitening can be your secret weapon to face the room with a big, confident smile.

Personal treat. Teeth whitening is nice way to reward yourself for hanging in there to get your degree or complete that big project. Maybe the kids are grown and now you are ready for some well-deserved pampering. Or perhaps you’ve just closed an emotional chapter in your life – divorce or cancer treatment.

Look younger. The white enamel layer of your teeth thins over the years, allowing yellowish dentin to show through. That’s why we naturally associate discolored teeth with age. Whitening takes years off of facial appearance.

Hygiene and good health. White teeth look clean and show vitality. They are an indication to others that you care about personal hygiene and they show off your good oral health.

More attractive and employable. Your smile is the first thing most people notice about you and that impression remains in their memories. Those who smile readily and show attractive teeth are statistically more dateable and more likely to get jobs and promotions.

There are so many advantages to smiling. A smile reduces blood pressure, diffuses a tense situation, and puts others at ease in your company. Are you ready to show off a gorgeous grin?