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Modern teeth straightening options for adults in Chicago are as effective as they are discreet

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Dr. Theodore M. Siegel, Providing Modern teeth straightening options for adults in Chicago are as effective as they are discreet

Your teeth may need straightening for all sorts of different reasons. Maybe your teeth have been crowded or crooked for as long as you can remember. Perhaps over time extractions have caused shifting.

Whatever the case may be, and whatever your age, there are unprecedented options to get you feeling better about how your teeth look. You’ll also feel better in general.

When a tooth isn’t properly spaced, it can rub up against other teeth and wear down protective enamel. While kids may still want to distinguish themselves with braces of different colors or shapes, adults generally don’t want their friends or coworkers to know they are wearing orthodontic appliances. Modern treatments are as discreet as they are effective.

Orthodontics grow up

Orthodontic treatments have come a long way from what you may remember as a child. Traditionally, fixed metal braces moved teeth into place by using a system of wires and brackets. These components applied consistent pressure to gradually push the teeth.

Today’s braces may be made from clear or ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wires. These cosmetic alternatives are designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

Braceless orthodontics

While conventional braces are fixed and can only be removed by your dentist, Big Smile Dental also offers removable teeth straightening options for adults in Chicago. Invisalign works well for the busy parent and professional.

The series of transparent aligner trays are worn to reposition teeth, and may be taken out for meals, brushing and flossing, and special occasions. Many patients who wear the aligners as directed, for at least 20 to 22 hours a day, get the smile they’ve always wanted within 9 to 18 months. Total treatment time depends on the condition to be corrected and its complexity, which also influences the cost of treatment.

Braces and braceless options cost about the same, and just as orthodontic treatment has evolved, so has insurance coverage. In the past, companies may have limited this coverage to individuals aged 18 and younger. Today, more plans offer orthodontic benefits for adults. Should you need to bridge the gap between what you owe and what insurance covers, Big Smile Dental can help with an array of payment and financing options, and discounts.

Few people have naturally evenly-spaced and straight teeth without a little help. The dental team can help you with fixed braces, invisible aligners, or even procedures that aren’t dental appliances at all such as porcelain veneers. Wait no longer for an improved smile. Call 773-772-8400 to schedule an appointment.

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