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What to expect before and after getting teeth veneers in Chicago

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Dr. Theodore M. Siegel, Big Smile Dental Provides Best Implant Treatment

In this candid video testimonial, Ana Campos talks about her experience getting teeth veneers at Big Smile Dental in Chicago. She gives a glimpse into the intimacy of a process responsible for results that are, “exactly as I wanted.” You can see her delight in the before and after images. What else can you expect? Keep reading . . .


Porcelain veneers are generally a three-appointment procedure. The first and most important visit is the consultation:

  • We talk about what you want to change in your smile.
  • We examine your smile from all sides, and you browse before and after photos from our gallery.
  • Feel free to bring pictures on your phone or magazine clippings of looks you like.
  • As we talk, together we determine if porcelain veneers is your best treatment option.
  • Then, I examine your mouth thoroughly. Issues such as tooth decay or gum disease must be addressed before veneers are designed or placed.

At the next visit, teeth are prepared by removing a small amount of surface enamel to hold veneers snugly. Numbing may not be necessary. Impressions are taken. Teeth can be protected with temporary composite resin veneers, depending on how much enamel is removed.

Impressions are sent to a quality dental lab, along with precise measurements and exact shading information. It takes about two weeks for the lab to craft your veneers from high-quality dental ceramics. When you return for your third appointment, minute adjustments are made, and veneers are bonded into place. With a final polish, you are ready to smile!


Home hygiene is essential to the longevity of your veneers. In addition, you may want to cut back on staining beverages, and avoid biting into hard food or objects. Otherwise, just feel the confident knowing thing that your smile looks impeccable, like Ana’s.

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