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The benefits of dental implants over other treatment options in Chicago are obvious

Losing a tooth can be a pain. Losing more than one can be devastating not only to the appearance of the smile but also to your overall quality of life. We need our teeth! Teeth keep us chewing and help us to digest our   food more easily. Teeth keep the smile looking natural and beautiful. Teeth keep us healthy, plain, and simple. When tooth loss occurs, all that really matters is replacing the missing tooth, right? Not so fast . . .

Through decades of trial and error with existing treatment options, dental professionals have realized there is far more to tooth replacement than originally thought. Yes, dentures have been around for more than a hundred years. Yes, they look better now than they ever have. Yes! Dentures are seemingly very affordable. The longevity of dentures and even the dental bridge cannot outweigh the numerous benefits of dental implants, which is why most patients choose this level of care over other treatment options. In our Chicago practice, we regularly consult with patients wanting to know more about dental implants, and that couldn’t make us happier.

The reason for the superiority of dental implants is very clear; implants do not replace teeth, they replace roots. In the standard form of care, the goal is to replace the missing tooth, not the root. To achieve this goal, the bridge and the denture each situate the replacement tooth on top of the gums. Intended as a root replacement, the implant does just that, it takes the place of the missing root. The actual artificial tooth will be affixed to the implant, a tiny cylinder, once this prosthetic has been naturally stabilized by bone tissue in the jaw.

The primary benefit of dental implants over other treatments is stability. From stability come several other benefits. Patients with implants can eat pretty much whatever they want. Denture wearers may find themselves limited due to slipping and sliding in their denture. Even those with a bridge may find that chewing certain foods just feels “off.” The implant patient smiles at will, and often! He or she laughs, and sings, and speaks with confidence. Why? Because there is no risk that teeth will at any point come flying out of the mouth.

Have you lost a tooth? Many teeth? Are you currently wearing a denture and finding you don’t want to smile or laugh or eat anything that requires much chewing? Don’t let this be you. Discuss your options for dental implant treatment with your trusted dentist and change your life for the better.