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Chicagoland dentist answers question, “What is the best tooth replacement option?”

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The most beautiful tooth is the one you grew into, but with time that tooth may have lost its attractiveness and even its functionality. If you are looking to replace one or more teeth, Big Smile Dental has a number of options to get you looking and feeling your best. It should be said there is no single answer to the question, “What is the best tooth replacement option?” In fact, if you are missing more than one tooth Big Smile Dental staff may even use more than one of these options for tooth replacement.

In the past, pulling a tooth was the answer for everything. Are you doubled over in pain from a toothache? Let’s extract. Is your tooth badly decayed? Say hello to a large space where the tooth used to be. As science and technology have advanced, extractions are now considered a last resort for those whose teeth cannot be saved with dental intervention.

One form of dental intervention is root canal therapy. Big Smile Dental professionals will clean out the damaged inner part of the tooth and remove decay. The tooth’s structure is then restored with either a filling or a tooth-colored crown.

Root canal treatment doesn’t work in all cases. Sometimes a tooth must be extracted. In those cases, a dental bridge may be the answer. The pontic or new tooth will be anchored to the adjacent teeth or abutments, effectively bridging the space between the teeth.

A dental implant-supported tooth is designed to look and behave just like the tooth you lost before that tooth sustained damage. The dental implant is a small post made from medical-grade titanium. This post is surgically placed in the jawbone and it eventually fuses with the underlying bone to create a strong foundation for the dental crown, or the part of the tooth above the gumline.

If you are missing several teeth, dentures have come a long way. Implant-supported dentures combine the concept of traditional dentures with the strength and stability of dental implant technology. Since the prosthetic teeth and tissue are securely connected to the underlying bone by way of strategically placed implants, all the complaints about conventional dentures are eliminated. You don’t have to worry about embarrassing slippage, nor do you have to worry about the long-term effects of bone loss caused by the lack of stimulation to the bone in areas where teeth are missing.

The best teeth replacement option for you may not be the best option for your friend or family member. Call to schedule an appointment with Big Smile Dental, the first step toward replacing your teeth.

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