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Smile makeover transforms self-image for Chicago patients

Selfies have become how we chronicle our lives. So much so, that the trend was the impetus for Apple’s first front-facing camera (the iPhone4) in 2010. It is estimated that the average millennial will take about 25,700 selfies in a lifetime, spending more than 54 hours each year saying, “cheese.” Today, people of all ages and both genders take about one million selfies a day. Sadly, many other resist smiling in person or in pictures because of discomfort with the appearance of their smiles. Dr. Theodore Siegel solves selfie shyness for Chicago area patients with phenomenal smile makeovers. Testimonials tell … Continue reading

Chicago patients ask, “Does healthy teeth help maintain a healthy heart?”

It’s been said that your oral health is a window into the health of the rest of your body. It wouldn’t be a complete discussion about the “mouth-body connection” without exploring one of the most powerful consequences of healthy teeth, which is a healthy heart. Accordingly, if your teeth are not at their best, you may be at greater risk for conditions beyond the teeth and gums. How can teeth affect the heart? The problems with decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria and inflammation. Of course, you can’t avoid bacteria. It’s estimated 500 to 650 different bacterial species … Continue reading

Many people ask, “Is chewing gum good or bad for teeth?”

There are food and drink “good guys” and “bad guys.” Gum can be a “good guy” or a “bad guy” depending on the type of gum you are chewing. Some types may actually protect your teeth from decay and disease, while others contribute to the development of these destructive conditions. What you eat and drink affects your oral health because the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth flourish on the sugars in foods and beverages. If sugars aren’t removed with diligent, consistent brushing and flossing, a sticky acidic film forms. The acids in plaque carve a destructive path through your … Continue reading

Our Chicago dentist discusses the benefits of in-house teeth whitening

There is a dizzying array of whitening products, some of which you may have tried and found they failed to live up to the marketing hype. While it is possible to see modest improvements with some store-bought whiteners, these products frequently do not contain enough of the active whitening agent to make a difference in the appearance of your teeth. The dentists at Big Smile Dental are equipped to prescribe powerful whiteners. Since these treatments contain higher concentrations of whitening agents, it is possible to achieve a smile that is many shades whiter and to achieve these dramatic whitening results … Continue reading

Improve the quality of your life with dental implants in Chicago

Humans are living longer today than we have in millions of years of existence. We have a number of advances to thank for our current state of longevity: healthy societal irrigation systems, clean water, modern medical technologies, and greater knowledge about the human body. Living to a ripe old age is one thing. Living fully and enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle is another. Most people we talk to want to exist in the latter. It is entirely possible to improve the quality of your life with outstanding dental care. When addressing the problem of tooth loss, we suggest implants to many … Continue reading

Choosing the best porcelain veneers just means choosing your Chicago dentist carefully

Choosing the best Porcelain Veneers in Chicago

The smile is what we first extend to others when we meet them. Whether you are greeting a stranger, your boss, or your spouse, you want to know you are putting your best face forward. While anti-aging treatments are all the rage right now, and for good reason, one cannot pay attention only to the skin on the face. The smile has a great deal of power to make us memorable. If your smile isn’t all it can be, you may feel as though you need a bit of help in choosing the best treatment to liven it up. We … Continue reading

Envision the Hidden Potential of Your Smile with a Smile Makeover in Chicago

Smile Makeover in Chicago

The Hulk had hidden potential. So did Superman. What many of us fail to realize is that there is hidden potential within us, as well. Ok, maybe you won’t find yourself growing larger than life and turning green. Maybe you won’t be able to fly, at least without some type of assistance. What you can do, quite easily actually, is envision and then unveil the hidden potential of your smile. With a smile makeover designed in collaboration with your experienced Chicago dentist, the sky really is the limit. Was she born with it? Many a celebrity was seemingly born with … Continue reading

Restore your smile with dental implants from Dentist Chicago

Your smile is the best foot you could ever put through the door. With this in mind, it is interesting to ponder the old saying “put your best foot forward.” In reality, it is our smile that we first share with strangers, whom we really never know the significance they may have in our life. That person you meet in the elevator may be your future boss or client, or possibly your soon-to-be romantic partner. Whoever you are and whatever you do, know this: your smile will be noticed by other people. The smile is one of our most prominent … Continue reading

The tooth of the matter: Not all Chicago cosmetic dentistry is created equal

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel, Smiling woman with silicone trainer close up.

There was a time when a dentist was no more than a tooth repair-person, but those days are long gone, and today’s patients expect more from dentistry. You want to love your smile, and attract attention for all the right reasons every time you open your mouth. For your most beautiful smile, you need a cosmetic dentist. What certification? You might assume that anyone in Chicago calling herself or himself a cosmetic dentist has received specific training and passed cosmetic dentistry certification to earn the right to that title. You would be wrong. Cosmetic dentists are not required to have … Continue reading

Make your smile a priority for 2013

You are never too old to have a beautiful smile and Big Smile Dental can help. Make it YOUR New Year’s resolution. Call our office at 773-772-8400

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