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What are Invisalign Braces?

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Dr. Theodore M. Siegel, Describing What is Invisalign

If you are worried about braces and other aspects such as process, the cost, how you will look with the braces and of course the adjustments and cleaning, now there are quite a number of alternatives to wiry-looking, traditional braces of yesteryear. One such alternative which many patients are excitedly chatting about is Invisalign braces.

Invisalign is not only an effective alternative but also a safe one which allows you to benefit from a variety of teeth-straightening procedures without letting the cat out of the bag about what your teeth are up to. Although these braces provide the same range of benefits as regular braces, Invisalign treatment is both embarrassment and hassle free.

A three dimensional computer imaging system is what works behind the scenes in Invisalign braces. The imaging system will show the patient the entire treatment plan starting from the current position of the teeth all the way up to the desired final position. Based on this, a range of aligners are custom-created and each individual aligner will gradually move the teeth little by little over a period of two weeks. After roughly a two week period, the aligner is later replaced until the desired position is achieved.

The name “Invisalign” comes from the fact that the aligners are just about invisible and made up of clear, medical grade, strong plastic. Invisalign braces have a close resemblance to trays used for bleaching except for the fact that the aligners are actually customized based on the person.

Many people are now willing to take up Invisalign braces as they are extremely beneficial for orthodontic patients. On top of this they are quite price competitive as well when compared to their traditional counterparts. A large number of dentists are taking it onto themselves to help work out a payment plan for patients who do not possess insurance coverage.

Since the aligners can be removed, Invisalign patients find this very convenient. This makes it easy for patients to drink or eat during the course of their treatment. Parents can floss and brush their teeth without any hassle so oral hygiene will not be a huge problem. Invisalign is also quite comfortable and doesn’t strain the lips and gums as it doesn’t have any metal brackets or wires. Also in the case of sporty teenagers, Invisalign is much safer as there is zero risk of mouth injuries. Probably one of the biggest benefits of Invisalign is that dental patients have the chance to look at what their post-braces look will be even before the treatment begins.

With Invisalign, you will find

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