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What should I expect from a professional dental cleaning?

Smooth and sparkling – professionally clean teeth

You probably understand the importance of brushing your teeth after eating and flossing before bedtime. But even the best home care can’t give you that mmmm smooth feel and wow I can’t stop smiling into the mirror gleam. The hygiene team at Big Smile Dental delivers those every day, efficiently and expertly.

Using specialized tools, the hygienist puts training and experience to work removing the sticky bio-film called plaque, tartar build-up, and food debris from areas you can’t see or reach with brush and floss. She also removes surface stains from coffee, tea, and smoking and keeps a sharp eye out for possible dental problems. There is little discomfort associated with a cleaning, but if your teeth are very sensitive, she can apply topical anesthetic. She finishes by polishing the teeth using compound and a soft-tipped electric buffer.

This sets the stage for Dr. Siegel to make a thorough examination of you teeth, including the area above the gum line. He checks for gum disease, oral cancers, and the overall health of soft tissues, too.

Your teeth will look and feel great after a professional cleaning. But remember that the most important benefits are prevention and early detection of dental problems.