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Whiten Away Stains with Zoom! Whitening

A person who has teeth that are stained, discolored, or yellowed are normally reluctant to smile. With the current lifestyle and age, it is difficult to keep a person’s teeth from turning yellow or grey, or from being stained or discolored. A person normally refrains from smiling in order to keep any stained or discolored teeth hidden from other people. Nowadays however, a person can opt for a special procedure which will restore their smile and give them the liking to smile again in just 45 minutes.

A person who wants to get rid of stains or discolorations can opt for the simplest and safest cosmetic dentistry treatment in Chicago in order to get that Hollywood smile. The first step in giving patients their dream smile is fitting their mouth with a brace in order to keep the mouth comfortably open. Next, the patient’s lips and gums will be covered, with only the teeth being exposed. Following this, the dentist will apply the unique Zoom! Teeth whitening gel to the surface of the teeth. After this, the special Zoom! light will be focused on this gel. This process will be repeated two times over intervals of 15 minutes. The light and gel will work together and gently penetrate the teeth and actively eliminate discolorations and stains as the patient watches TV, takes a short nap, or listens to music.

The whitening treatment will be completed in a relatively short period of time. By the end of 45 minute treatment time, the patient can get up and leave with a smile that has been whitened by an average of eight shades. Moreover, this treatment’s outcomes last a long time while retaining its amazing quality and repelling stains. This treatment is very convenient and gives instant results. Furthermore, it is comfortable, safe, and not at all painful.