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Why Chicago residents seek Emergency Dentistry

Owwww. You wake with a throbbing tooth and a swollen cheek. You need urgent pain relief now and then probably a root canal and crown. That’s what usually comes to mind when men and women in the Chicago area think about emergency dentistry. It is a fairly common scenario, but any dental emergency needs attention to minimize discomfort, expense, need for more extensive dental work later, and potential permanent damage. Let’s take a look at a few dental emergency situations and how they should be handled.

 Dental Emergencies

 Probably not a dental emergency (but needs prompt care)

Toothache. A simple toothache usually develops gradually from tooth decay, a fracture, or sensitivity. This isn’t generally an emergency situation, but you should see us as soon as possible to keep it from progressing.

The Big Smile Dental team wants to help you prevent dental emergencies with advice on good home hygiene, regular check-ups, and effective treatment. Be assured, though, that if the unexpected occurs, we’ll be here for you.