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Your Chicago Dentist can design dentures to give you a great new smile

When we smile, the last thing we want is to show off soft, pink gums and no teeth. Next in the line of nightmares is having a smile that looks anything but natural. In the good old days, dentures were so uniform and basic that every person who had a denture looked pretty much the same. Though function was restored, little though was given to the individuality of each person’s smile. Today, thankfully, we are as focused on aesthetics as we are on functionality. What this means is that your Chicago dentist doesn’t make your grandma’s dentures.

On a technical level, dentures are fake, of course. Advances in dentistry, though, can give you a great new smile even if you have no remaining natural teeth. Denture design begins with an appointment during which you can discuss your needs and expectations with Dr. Siegel. A careful assessment is performed, which facilitates the ideal design of a denture that fits the bone and gums snugly. The entire process is not technical. Our patients also get to enjoy helping create their new smile in choosing colors that best suit their ideal image as well as their natural complexion. Choosing the right color is a large part of creating your own best smile.

Dentures have come a long way, Baby!

The traditional denture

Old school dentures are a thing of the past. Today, a traditional denture is that which is designed and fitted after gums have completely healed from extractions. The idea behind the traditional process with its waiting period is that the denture will immediately fit very nicely rather than need multiple adjustments as gum tissue recedes.

Immediate dentures

The name of this denture process is a dead giveaway that dentures can be placed the very day that extraction of remaining teeth takes place. The clear advantage of immediate dentures is the elimination of any waiting period. While your smile is instantly restored in one visit, there will be the need to have your denture appliance adjusted as the gum tissue naturally gets smaller.

Implant-supported dentures

Dental implants have been incredibly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Where a denture on its own will replace missing teeth, implants are tiny cylinders that are meant to replace missing root structure. As we have learned watching a few generations go through unsupported denture treatment, teeth roots are indispensible, really. Without roots, bone tissue eventually breaks down and the entire facial structure seems to sink inward. Inserting a few dental implants as a base for a beautiful denture appliance means no more concern over a slipped appliance, and no more looking like Grandma.

Get your great new smile with dentures from Big Smile Dental.