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The best braces for beautiful teeth in Chicago

Mouth with smile Many people hesitate at the idea of orthodontics. They claim that they have adjusted to life with crooked teeth, and ask, "Why should I get braces? " Teeth, Chicago residents are discovering, play a bigger role in your physical and psychological health than was previously thought.

Physical benefits of braces

Crooked teeth make oral hygiene difficult, increasing your risk of gum disease. As emerging science is discovering, gum disease impacts your overall health in many ways. Crooked teeth also lead to cavities, for the same reason. Although painless at first, if not treated, cavities will grow until the tooth becomes infected, causing frequent toothaches.

Psychological benefits of braces

Do you think that you're okay with having crooked teeth? Maybe you've adjusted your lifestyle, eliminating embarrassing moments. You avoid having your picture taken, or make sure it's a candid snapshot so you don't have to smile. You don't draw attention to yourself, and refrain from smiling in public. You always eat alone...

Isn't it time to stop hiding your teeth, and yourself? Studies have shown that people with attractive smiles have more self-confidence, and are more outgoing. They are also judged more favorably by others in every imaginable situation, from romantic to professional.

You have options

At Big Smile Dental, we know how important closing gaps, straightening teeth, and correcting misalignment really are. We want you to enjoy the benefits of straight, healthy, beautiful teeth, so we offer a variety of options to meet your needs.
  • Metal braces can handle the most complex cases, and sometime are the fastest solution. Every day, more and more kids and adults alike are proudly sporting "tin grins." You could be a trendsetter, and get in on the latest fashion!
  • Tooth colored braces are much less noticeable than metal, and can be just as effective.
  • Clear braces are discreet and effective. Most people will never realize you are wearing braces, because your teeth show right through.
  • Invisible aligners are not even braces. They have the same cosmetic advantages as clear braces, with the added convenience of being removable.
  • Lingual braces are probably the most discreet orthodontic device available. Bonded to the back of your teeth rather than the front, they are completely hidden from view.
Of course, not every patient is a candidate for every type of brace. Your dentist will explain what options would work well for you, and help you make the best decision to achieve your goals. Whether your priority is speed, convenience, discretion, comfort, or budget – we have the solution you've been looking for.

Orthodontic treatment can be used alone, or as part of a smile makeover. We can straighten, color, shape, and adjust the size of your teeth to create the smile of your dreams. Call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 for more information.

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