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Chicago dentists offer options in braces

Showing Braces Chicago, IL (November, 2014) – Big Smile Dental is known for providing high quality, comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. One of the most common concerns is crooked teeth. They are unattractive, they are difficult to clean, and they can even cause jaw pain or fatigue. Fortunately, they are also fixable. Whether you are eight or eighty, whether your concerns are cosmetic or jaw alignment, whether you prefer traditional or high tech – we have a solution for you!

Good results begin with the right braces

Braces have been used to straighten teeth since the 1700s. As recently as ten or twenty years ago, most orthodontic patients probably felt like they had been given the original appliance. Braces were heavy, clunky, uncomfortable, and industrial looking. There was one style, and they were typically worn by teens. How things have changed! Today, we have a variety of orthodontic styles and materials. We will begin with a consultation and examination to choose the best option for your oral health needs and your lifestyle.

Orthodontic options include:
  • Invisalign – One of the most advanced systems available, Invisalign straightens teeth virtually invisibly, with transparent plastic aligners.
  • Ceramic brackets with wires – These braces work in the same way as the traditional style, with tooth-colored brackets for discretion.
  • Metal brackets with wires – Thanks to ultra-light, thermal reactive materials, traditional braces are lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than ever.
  • Lingual braces – This unique design adheres to the back surface (rather than the front) of teeth, so they are completely hidden from view.

We’re here to help

Are you interested in a specific style of braces? Don’t know what you want? Looking for a faster solution that braces? Just call Big Smile Dental and schedule an orthodontic consultation. We start with an exam and a discussion about your goals and concerns. We will explain what treatments you are a candidate for, and explain the pros and cons of each option. Yes, that’s right – a dentist who will actually listen to you. Your dentist will work with you, to devise a treatment plan that meets your oral health needs, cosmetic goals, and fits your lifestyle. Call 773-772-8400 today and schedule your appointment at Big Smile Dental.

How do Braces Work

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