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Chicago Orthodontist: What exactly is Orthodontics?

Smiling Woman Orthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that has been in use for many years. By orthodontics an individual who has problems with the alignment, position and distribution of their teeth, can have their teeth and jaws adjusted over a period of time, to an acceptable and manageable degree.

Orthodontics is commonly used with younger people and particularly with children in order to correct the position and growth of their teeth while they are yet young. This could be done for both cosmetic and health reasons. Not only does an evenly distributed set of teeth present a pleasing appearance, it is also conducive to good oral and dental health and hygiene.

An orthodontist could use braces of a variety of types to correct the tooth and jaw irregularities. In modern times several types of braces have been developed to cater to different types of dental and jaw problems. A patient will select the type most suitable to his or her individual need and budget.

By the use of orthodontics another problem that is corrected is the 'bite' or the ability to bite with the pressure spreading evenly over all the teeth. Some people have teeth that are so misshapen or over crowded that they are unable to bite into anything comfortably.

This is sometimes caused not only by the irregular positioning of the teeth but often owing to the jaw not being able to adequately accommodate the teeth or not being in the correct shape. The use of orthodontic braces can even adjust the shape of the jaw without surgery, by pushing the teeth positions and forcing the jaw to be lengthened.

In the old days there were but a few orthodontic options - today there are many. Not only are there varied types of braces, but the wearing time can also be greatly reduced with the use of orthodontic therapy prescribed alongside braces.

Naturally uneven, crooked and irregularly placed teeth are much harder to maintain and clean than well adjusted ones. By the correction of the bite and causing its pressure to be distributed evenly, the overall health of your teeth is also promoted since the wear and tear of your biting, chewing and grinding processes are not over straining certain teeth rather than others.

The nicest thing however, could possibly be the improved appearance of your teeth and smile - which are so necessary to healthy self esteem and confidence!

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