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Orthodontics Chicago: What are the different types of Braces available to you?

Orthodontic braces to correct the alignment and bad positioning of the teeth come in many variations and types. Those of you who badly need to have braces fitted on but dread the very thought of having to wear what you probably know of as being ugly metal wires - take heart! You are no longer confined to having to use these traditional braces.

Once you have consulted with your orthodontist, you will be able to decide which type you want and which will best suit your purpose and budget.

Here are several types of braces available these days for you to consider and make a selection:

Brackets are the common type that can be turned out of clear or natural tooth color plastic or ceramic material. They can also be made out of stainless steel and they are bonded on to the fronts of your teeth.

Lingual Brackets are the same except they are fixed on to the back of the tooth rather than the front.

Traditional braces are the old fashioned variety where you will have a wire around each tooth, filling your mouth with metal.

Transparent Braces are made of a clear hard cellophane-like material and are fixed on to the front of the teeth. These have wires attached which can be turned out in a natural tooth color.

Invisalign is one of the latest and most comfortable of the 'brace family'. They have no wire or brackets, are instantly removable, and are made of a transparent substance from an impression taken of the teeth.

Braces are produced by the implementation of digital images taken of the teeth. They are also a comfortable type of brace to use since they have a low structure.

The Damon brace is the product of an extremely new technology that provides you with the most comfortable braces which accommodate the natural flexibility of the teeth positions and therefore don't need to be adjusted as frequently as other types.

With such a variety of choices there is no reason why you should continue to suffer the awkwardness and embarrassment of a mouthful of ugly and badly distributed teeth. A positive consultation with your orthodontist will help you settle on a solution that will result in a smile you need not hide.

How do Braces Work

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