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Metal myth: Setting the record straight about orthodontics in Chicago

Smile with Tooth If you have crooked teeth, odds are that you've thought about braces. You've probably thought about it a lot, and dreamed of your stunning, straight smile. Of course, you've probably also had a few nightmares and niggling fears. And then there are the horror stories and success stories from friends and family, many of whom have never personally worn braces. We've exposed a few of the most common myths about metal braces.

Wrong signals

The myth: Your braces will interfere with (or pick up) Wi-Fi and radio signals.

The facts: Braces are not electronics. They are not going to interact with signals any more than a zipper pull, piece of jewelry, or any other tiny metal object.

Lightning rod

The myth: Wearing braces increases your risk of being struck by lightning.

The facts: Today's metal braces are made from non-conductive materials like titanium. Your odds of being struck by lightning are exactly the same whether or not you are wearing braces.

Detecting metal mouth

The myth: You will set off metal detectors in airports.

The facts: Again, because of the types of metal, this is not true.

Eternal kiss

The myth: If you kiss a person who is also wearing metal braces, you may become entangled.

The facts: This scenario is a favorite of comedies, but it doesn't happen in real life. Brackets today are small and smooth, making it virtually impossible for them to tangle. (Don't set out to prove us wrong. We won't promise that it couldn't be done if you tried hard enough.)

The music went silent

The myth: You won't be able to play musical instruments.

The facts: You will need a period of adjustment, to get accustomed to your braces. However, with a little practice, most musicians can play any instrument they want, even brass or wind instruments.

Tough choices

The myth: You can have a train track smile for a couple of years, or a crooked smile for life. There are no better options.

The facts: Metal braces are right for some patients. If you are screaming, "Not me!" that's okay. There are a lot of alternatives, including lingual (hidden behind the teeth) braces, ceramic brackets, and Invisalign transparent, removable aligners. Just call Big Smile Dental in Chicago at 773-772-8400 to learn more about your options.

How do Braces Work

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