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Why should you choose orthodontics treatment in Chicago?

Even in the most rigid society, there will always be troublemakers. They believe that variety is the spice of life and there is no satisfaction in conforming. They are determined to take a different direction and stand apart from the crowd – and if you push them too hard, they'll hurt you. You need a trained professional, with the right tools, to pressure these rebels into straightening up and doing the same thing every other tooth is doing. The dentists at Big Smile Dental are up to the challenge, armed with a variety of orthodontics treatment options.

What happens if you just ignore your rogue teeth and bad bite? For most adults, the primary concern is cosmetic. Crooked teeth, gaps, crowding, or misalignment is embarrassing. It also affects how others perceive you. A survey conducted by the University of Michigan revealed that people with straight teeth and a normal bite are viewed as more extroverted, and intelligent, compared to people with orthodontic problems.

Besides being more beautiful, a straighter smile is healthier. Misaligned teeth can create nooks and crannies where bacteria lurk, waiting to cause decay or gum disease. Jaw misalignment can make chewing difficult, and it can be painful, possibly progressing into a condition known as TMJ/TMD. Any kind of misalignment has potential to redistribute the biting force, putting unnatural strain on specific teeth.

There are many reasons to choose orthodontics treatment, but for most people there is just one reason to avoid it. They don't want to wear braces. They have heard stories, or had experience, with old-fashioned, cumbersome appliances. It's true that braces used to be an ordeal, but times have changed. Today's metal braces are lighter, thinner, and more comfortable than those you may remember from childhood – and they are no longer the only option. Clear braces replace the metal bracket with transparent plastic. Invisible aligners don't even need brackets or wires, eliminating the need for metal.

Don't you think it's about time your teeth straighten up? Call 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment with one of the friendly, talented dentists at Big Smile Dental.

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