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Can Orthodontics improve your jawline?

Smiling Woman Orthodontics is the field of dentistry which deals with the positioning and alignment of an individual's teeth. Many people have problems with teeth that have grown in the wrong direction, have popped up outside the regular row and are sometimes crowded into a jaw that seems to be not large enough to contain them.

Not only is this often unsightly, it can easily cause embarrassment and even steal your self confidence. Far-thinking parents get an appointment for their child with the orthodontist, and a stitch-in-time certainly saves nine and their teeth and jaw line are adjusted by the timely use of braces.

Braces come in many varieties these days and teens and youth don't have to be stuck with the ugly wire contraptions any more. Although a little pricey, tooth colored and transparent braces are available as well as little frills like colored rubber bands that hold the brackets to make life a lot more interesting.

With orthodontics, even though it may sound impossible, the jaw line can be stretched to accommodate extra teeth that can't seem to find their place in your mouth. While some people have double rows of teeth or extras behind their existing rows, others could have misshapen gums and protruding teeth.

Although a jaw line seems to be a thing that cannot be changed, during your growing years it is not the rock solid part of your body it might feel like. It is malleable to a degree and can be stretched by the application of pressure. The orthodontic brace performs this very function for you.

By creating the brace to push out your jaw, an orthodontist forces your jaw to stretch out and elongate. He can also extend your upper jaw by using a palatal expander. Using a facebow he can also push in your protruding teeth and have them fit in to your jaw. All this is done without any kind of surgery.

While orthodontic surgery and mouth reconstruction also deal with the re-structuring parts of the jaw line, position of teeth and mouth shape and bone structure, the use of basic braces can nip a problem in the bud by being used as corrective treatment in a child's early stages.

If you feel your jaw line needs improvement and alteration, consult with your orthodontist. He is well qualified to help you make the right decisions about your teeth and jaw line and the treatment you should have.

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