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Braces Chicago: Playing Sports with Braces

Girl Playing Soccer Now that you have been fitted out with those offensive and hampering orthodontic braces, you might feel your wings have been effectively clipped. Not only are they ugly and make you look less attractive than you really are, but they are also uncomfortable for the most part and take some getting used to.

Additionally eating, drinking, sleeping, talking and laughing - the normal mundane things of life - have now taken on a new dimension and you have to stop, think, plan and execute even these most commonplace activities. Frustrating - to say the least.

Take heart, it will be a few weeks and though it might seem like it's never going to happen - you certainly will grow accustomed to them. Even though you have had to use all your skills to eat a mouthful of food for awhile - soon you will be shoveling it in with little or no problem.

With all this on your plate, you didn't even want to think about your favorite sport - how does one get on the soccer field or play a game of hockey when one is wearing braces that prevent one from even ingesting in peace? However, braces need not pose as any obstacle to enjoying yourself on the field.

Special mouth guards are available for purchase these days which are designed to fit over different types of braces. You can check with you orthodontist for the best place to purchase a mouth guard that will suit your own brace, as well the purpose you need it for.

You can purchase a Stock Mouth Protector usually from a sports store but while they are not expensive at all they are cumbersome and obstructive and not very effective. Generally an orthodontist will not advise you to use this.

Another variety you can pick up at the sports store is the Boil-and-Bite guard which needs to be put in hot water to become malleable, and then fitted on over the teeth and molded with the fingers and tongue.

The custom made mouth guard that you order at a dental lab or from a dentist is the best option by far, since your purpose is to protect both you mouth and your braces. These will be constructed to cover both upper and lower teeth and not hamper your breathing like the Stock Mouth Protector does.

Well equipped now - you can safely play your sport and have fun!

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