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Teeth Braces: How do Braces work?

When you have a mouthful of irregular, unevenly spaced, overcrowded or protruding teeth, a visit to the orthodontist is the best move to make - and the younger you are, the better. While your bones and tissues are still in their development stage, it is much easier for the orthodontist to fit you up with braces that will produce a greater measure of success in reorganizing your teeth

You will need to wear your braces from a year to even as much as three years. The reason for this is that braces work over an extended period of time to adjust the position and alignment of your teeth and even your jaw.

Gradually pushing the teeth as well as the jaw bone by the constant pressure, the brace re-shapes the jaw line and either pushes closer together teeth that are too far apart, or re-positions those that are in disarray. Contrary to general understanding, the human jaw can be pushed and stretched by the brace so that it gets extended. Then the crowded teeth are pushed into the correct spot because there is now space for them.

The best age for getting braces is around eight or nine years old. This is a time when the jaw can be most easily extended by pushing pressure. The older you are after this age the more difficult it will be and you could eventually have to resort to surgery to accomplish the same task inside your mouth and in your jaw.

Braces are typically constructed out of wire that is fixed by little springs on to a plate. This way the pressure that is applied is not excessive but gentler and more manageable for the wearer. Naturally with a constant pressure on the inside your mouth there is some discomfort - especially at the initial stages. After a while, you grow used to the presence of the brace.

Braces could be the variety that attaches to the back of your teeth or to the front of your teeth. They could be constructed out of wire, tooth colored material or even a transparent substance so that your appearance is not affected. The recently invented Invisalign is a transparent brace that is easily removable and the Damon type uses new technology to give you a more comfortable brace.

Braces are a way to have your teeth adjusted without surgery but over a length of time.

How do Braces Work

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