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How a Chicago cosmetic dentist creates celebrity smiles

Some smiles are nice, while others are absolutely breathtaking. What makes the difference? For many, the difference is quality cosmetic dentistry. The recipe for a celebrity smile has many ingredients, beginning with the dentist. We are committed to giving you a great dental experience, and a spectacular smile.

Technology and dental materials

Today’s cosmetic dentist has more and better options than ever. Resin materials no longer look like plastic, and porcelain is no longer too fragile for dentistry. Our office is equipped with the latest technology so that you can enjoy the full benefits of modern dentistry. We also choose our materials very carefully, and we only work with premier dental labs, for high quality, natural looking restorations.

Smile design

Smile enhancement is a blend of art and science. There are many proven principles of aesthetics to consider, including symmetry and proportions. However, it is often the smallest details and little artistic touches that bring a smile to life, make it uniquely you, and make it dazzle. Slight variations in the length, shape, color, and spacing of teeth help create the overall “look” of the smile. Whether you want your smile to look sporty, professional, sexy, sophisticated, youthful… Our dentists have the expertise and artist’s eye to craft the look you want.

Training and expertise

Any licensed dentist has basic training in the fundamentals of dentistry, but that does not guarantee he or she has specific advanced expertise or education. Some dental specialties have additional certification, but that is not the case with cosmetic dentistry. Any general dentist can claim to be a cosmetic dentist. However, if you want a smile that says, “Wow!”, then you want a true dental artist.

Dr. Theodore Siegel is an award-winning cosmetic dentist who has treated many Chicago beauty queens and other local celebrities. He has carefully chosen his team at Big Smile Dental, to include only skilled professionals who meet his high standards of expertise, education, and commitment.

If you are ready for your celebrity smile, call us at 773-772-8400 and schedule a consultation.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry

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