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Build a new smile with reconstructive dentistry

A smile makeover will most often – though not necessarily, go hand in hand with reconstructive dentistry. Quite frequently, a patient needing a new smile will really need reconstruction in parts of their mouth. Your existing oral, facial and jaw structure are what produces your current smile. If you are dissatisfied with the structure of your smile – not just the look of your teeth when you smile – then mouth reconstruction surgery will be your option.

Now here, you are talking about a complex procedure which will need the advice, consideration, co-ordination and input of more than just your family dentist. Dentists who are expertly knowledgeable and are qualified orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists and cosmetic dentists need to handle your mouth reconstruction surgery.

The great thing about reconstructive dentistry is that your final target and objective is a gloriously new and sparkling smile, not only will your smile and its structural appearance be attended to but several other important oral and dental issues will be addressed by this process.

Some of these issues may be:

Your occlusal health which deals with the correctness of your ‘bite’ and any issues that you may have with biting. In certain instances people have teeth set in such an irregular manner that they are unable to bite properly, and eating becomes a tedious process. In some instances an incorrect ‘bite’ will cause discomfort and even pain resulting in frequent headaches.

Your dentist will also consider your periodontal condition – or the state and health of your gum tissues. Your gums should be a strong and healthy foundation for your revitalized teeth so the dentists may have to perform bone or tissue grafting to strengthen and reconstruct the gums and eliminate irregular pockets, density and tissue deficit.

It will also go beyond the exterior appearance and deal with your facial bone structure as well as the shape of your jaw line to reconstruct and re-shape them and deal structurally with contours that need adjustment to produce a comfort conducive to good oral and dental health.

These corrective measures employed by your dentists are requirements for the good health of your mouth and teeth as well as convenience in your oral functions. At the same time, they also address the root issues that caused you to consider a smile makeover in the first place, and successfully provide you with a brilliant attractive smile.

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