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What Is Oil Pulling?

oil pulling

What is oil pulling, you ask? It is actually an old folk remedy that originated from India. It is said to help protect your mouth and teeth from harmful bacteria. Likewise, some say the oil pulling method might be an alternative to standard modern products (such as mouthwash) that are used to protect your tooth enamel and prevent cavities. You may have heard of this if you are someone who is heavily invested in their dental health. But does it work? Some people have speculated that its benefits and easy use are simply too good to be true. And you … Continue reading

5 Signs of Tooth Decay

tooth decay

Tooth decay is a common plight that many of my patients at Big Smile Dental face. However, the signs of tooth decay often go ignored, especially when the issue isn’t visual. Naturally, you would expect a decaying tooth to having holes or yellow discoloration, but those or only some of the underlying indicators of a tooth problem. Something as simple as a toothache could be a precursor to a much more serious problem. And if you aren’t following up on these issues with your dentist, the decay can lead to cracked teeth, cavities, and even major health issues such as … Continue reading

How Do You Treat Gum Recession?

gum recession

There are several routes you can take to treat your gum recession. But before we get into those, it’s important to know what causes receding gums and how you can ultimately prevent it from happening. The first signs of gum recession will be subtle. You won’t just have a more exposed tooth overnight. It can start with things as simple as swollen bleeding gums, bad breath or loose teeth. It’s even possible to no symptoms. You might start to feel tenderness on your gum and may even begin to see some redness. Don’t wait until the last minute to treat … Continue reading

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