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Dental implants in Chicago: More affordable, available, and amazing than ever!

Safe Tooth Implants Illustration Question: What do you call a smile minus a tooth? Answer: Don’t call the smile; call a dentist! More specifically, call Big Smile Dental. Our award-winning team has earned a reputation for providing premier dentistry and five star customer service in a fun and friendly environment. We offer a variety of solutions for missing teeth, to accommodate every situation and every budget.

For most patients, the solution of choice is a dental implant, or multiple implants. You may think that implants aren’t an option for you. They were, at one time, a rather expensive and exclusive procedure. Today, all of that has changed. What should you know about dental implants?
  • They are affordable. While it is true that bridges or dentures have a lower upfront cost, they can actually cost more (time and money) than implants in the long run. Why? Implants are designed to last a lifetime and, with good oral health, they often do. Bridges usually need to be replaced after a number of years, and dentures need to be relined periodically.
  • They are healthy. Does the word “surgery” frighten you? Don’t worry; it’s actually a minor procedure, with rapid healing time. What is truly frightening is the potential repercussions of not replacing the tooth. Implants help keep adjacent teeth from shifting, prevent bone deterioration in the jaw, and enable you to chew normally.
  • They are convenient – Don’t want a special hygiene routine? No problem! Simply care for implant restorations just like you would natural teeth.
  • They are just like teeth – Dental implants are as close as modern science can come to re-growing your tooth. In fact, there are few differences between a tooth and an implant supported restoration. They look natural, they feel natural, and they function like a healthy tooth.
Let us fill that gap in your smile, and help you fill the gap in your confidence. For a beautiful, healthy, natural-looking solution to missing teeth, visit Big Smile Dental and ask us about implants. Just call 773-772-8400 to arrange your appointment.

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