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Chicago, IL, denture wearers can enjoy ultimate stability with dental implants

These days, it seems as if flexibility and mobility are the selling point of – pretty much everything. That might sound great if you are buying a tablet or arranging car payments. But, it isn't a bonus in every situation. Just consider your teeth. Do you really want flexibility and mobility there? We didn't think so. Most people want their teeth to stay in one place and hold still. It's a reasonable request, but it doesn't always work that way.

Once your teeth decide to travel to far away places, they will never come home. Traditional dentures can fill the space, but don't expect them to move in and put down roots unless you get implants. In truth, dentures are born to be travelers. Sure, when they leave your mouth, they will come home, but they can get restless. Dentures have been known to slip, slide, wiggle, wobble, and occasionally jump right out of your mouth at the worst moment.

Implants do what no other restoration can. They stabilize your replacement teeth, and your oral health. The benefits include:
  • Easy oral hygiene – Implants need the same care as natural teeth

  • No food restrictions – Implants will stay in place no matter what you eat

  • Bone health – Implants mimic the function of tooth roots, helping your jawbone stay strong and healthy

  • Preserve your facial structure – Without implants or tooth roots, you jawbone gradually diminishes, altering the contours of your jawline
  • Avoid embarrassing moments – You can eat, laugh, and even speak in public without worrying about your teeth coming loose or falling out

  • Improve your appearance – A healthy, attractive smile can make you look younger, friendlier, and more attractive
The procedure involves a very minor oral surgery to place a few tiny implants just below the gum line. Depending on the style of implants, as few as four can stabilize a full denture plate. The dentures may be removable (they snap over the implants) or they can be permanently attached.

If you are seeking a more stable relationship with your dentures, call and schedule a consultation at Big Smile Dental.

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