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Tired of being toothless? Implants are the way to go!

Are you sick of constantly trying to hide your missing teeth from others, and perhaps even from yourself? Do you wish to find a permanent solution to this continuous struggle of managing your life with missing teeth? If your answer is yes, then dental implants are the way to go!

Dental Implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry. It is the closest that science has come to nature in terms of replacing your missing teeth with artificial ones. From the point of view of aesthetics, nothing can beat the performance of a dental implant that looks and feels like your own natural tooth. In terms of functionality, the dental implant allows you to eat and speak once again with natural confidence.

Dental Implants help in bone preservation and prevent gum recession, which are common problems with bridgework and dentures. Due to the self-supporting nature of a dental implant, it also ensures conservation of the neighboring teeth, unlike bridges.

Patients who have suffered and survived with tooth loss for decades, and had to manage with the obvious limitations of bridges and dentures, have finally discovered the real answer with dental implants. It practically transforms the whole life of a patient who has experienced the agony of living with missing teeth.

A dental implant offers excellent stability because it fuses with the bone. It integrates into the jaw, and the patient adapts to the implant just like the other natural teeth.

One of the best things about an implant from an aesthetic perspective is that in many cases, it can help to improve the appearance even better than what it was when the original tooth was intact. If the artificial tooth is crafted perfectly in the lab to match with the other teeth, and the size, shape and fit is also perfect, it can help to enhance the appearance better than the original tooth! There are extreme cases where celebrities and some others who are obsessed with looks go for dental implants just to improve their cosmetic appearance!

Another great thing about dental implants is that their success rate is very high. Though the short term and long term success of a dental implant is largely dependent upon the skill and execution of the dental team operating the procedure, the quality and quantity of the bone available in the target area, and the patient’s cooperation in terms of maintaining oral hygiene. Long-term implant stability is crucial to achieving sustainable results and lasting value for the patient.

Dr. Theodore Siegel’s “Big Smile Dental” office in Chicago is performing dental implants with great success for its patients. Dr. Siegel allows no room for compromises, and the office uses state of the art technology and materials for the implants. Dr. Siegel and his team are helping to create beautiful, happy and lasting smiles for their patients everyday.

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Wonderful!! Always wonderful!! It's been 30 years now since we first came to Big Smile Dental. Every visit is always met with kind and courteous help at the front desk. I always feel very cared for and the care is gentle. I live 40 miles away from Logan Square now, but I still travel to see Dr. Siegel because I trust him as a person and as a professional. I trust my family to his care!
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