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Implants dentistry offers a preferable way to replace patients’ missing teeth in Chicago

Implants dentistry restores more than your teeth. Patients of Big Smile Dental who are missing teeth can enjoy an improved outlook and renewed confidence. Since healthy teeth are so vital to the most basic functions, filling a gap can improve every aspect of your life.

You can enjoy meals again. If you have been holding on to painful, damaged or decayed teeth for fear of losing them, a dental implant-supported tooth replacement can restore quality sleep. You may feel more refreshed, and be a more productive employee, attentive parent, and active friend.

The dentists make it easy to transform your life with dental implants. While many dental practices in Chicago refer the placement of the dental implant to specialists, Dr. Siegel is trained and experienced in placing this synthetic tooth root. You do not have to go to a periodontist you don’t know to get quality dental work. You can enjoy the quality treatment you’ve come to expect from Big Smile Dental. The dental team understands there may be some apprehension about procedures that are new to you. Treatment delivered by professionals that you already know and trust adds to your comfort level.

It’s important for you to get comfortable with the idea of dental implants sooner rather than later. The destructive effects of tooth loss happen a lot more rapidly than you might think. Your teeth are surrounded and supported by alveolar bone. When a tooth is lost, this supportive bone shrinks. The bone doesn’t have stimulation from the teeth. The action of chewing and biting keeps underlying bone strong.

Bone width decreases by 25 percent within a single year after tooth loss. In the following few years, bone height and overall density will suffer. You can see the consequences of bone loss in the mirror. Your facial shape and symmetry can change. Bone loss also alters your speaking and eating patterns.

You don’t have to wait for the worst. Call to schedule an appointment. The dentists will explain how dental implant-supported teeth help you avoid destructive bone loss by rebuilding the tooth from the root upward. The implant provides a solid foundation for your new dental crown. The result is a tooth that looks, feels, and functions like a healthy, natural tooth.

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