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What women don't know: He's looking at your... WHAT!!!?

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Oh, the joys of romance

Dating can be fun, exciting, stressful, embarrassing, and occasionally just plain awful. Sometimes the worst part is actually getting a date. Sure, the sleazy guy who hangs out in front of the drugstore is always available, and there might even be a few decent prospects showing an interest. But catching the attention of the right guy often proves to be mission impossible.

What if you knew what he was really looking for? Match.com conducted a survey of thousands of men, over several years, to answer that very question. They compiled a list of the top ten traits men look for in a woman. The majority of the list focuses on physical appearance – no surprise there. Any woman could have told them that men are obsessed with physical attractiveness. And most women think they know what men are looking for (or looking at). Most women would be wrong!

What he really wants

According to the survey, the number one priority of men has nothing to do with age or body shape. It's not those fashionable clothes that you spent your whole paycheck buying, or that makeup you spent hours putting on. The number one thing men judge women on is... their teeth according to 58 percent of all men surveyed. Yes, you read that right – he's looking at your smile!

All this time, you thought your dentist was the only one fixated on your teeth. It turns out that great oral hygiene, maybe a little teeth whitening, or even a few porcelain veneers just might be the next best thing to cupid's arrow. In fact, it might be even better. They say “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” and we suspect you'll catch more guys by smiling at them than by pointing a bow and arrow at them.

A smile makes quite the impression. Whether it's a good, or bad, impression depends on the appearance of the smile. According to a separate survey in 2008, the average woman spends over four and a half months of her life preening and preparing for an evening out – and all you really need to turn heads is a dazzling smile!

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