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Be Headache Free With Chicago Migraine Treatment

Dental TreatmentYour entire life is affected when you suffer from frequent or excessively painful headaches. It's more difficult to concentrate, and over time, you forget what it was like to wake up without the pain. There might be a solution, and it's as close as our office. Find out what we can do with Chicago migraine treatment, and get you on the road back to feeling good again.

How Are Dentists Involved With Chicago Migraine Treatment?

You might be wondering how dentists factor in with migraine treatment. There is a nerve in your brain called the trigeminal nerve. One half of this nerve helps to control the muscles involved in chewing, or mastication. The other half of the nerve is sort of a sensory map of your head and face. Now typically, the stress that the trigeminal nerve builds up during the day is relieved overnight as you sleep. But often, the stress on that nerve is not relived because the person grinds or clenches their teeth while they sleep. That's where dentists come into migraine treatment.

The grinding or clenching of teeth is called "bruxism," and there are is a relatively simple solution that could bring a large amount of relief. It's called the NTI-tss, which is a dental splint available by prescription only.

Is It Really Effective Migraine Treatment?

After having pain for so long, many people are skeptical that a simple dental device might be the answer for effective migraine treatment. Imagine waking up in the morning and not having a headache! Many migraine sufferers don't even remember what that's like. The NTI-tss dental splint can make that a reality.

So what IS the NTI-tss dental split, and why does it work as migraine treatment? Essentially, the device is a night guard that fits over your four front teeth. It keeps your back teeth and canine teeth separated, not allowing them to clench or grind, and allowing the stress level behind your headaches to dissipate. Try to successfully grind or clench your teeth with a pencil between your front teeth, and feel the lack of temporal muscle tension in your temples. This is what the NTI-tss could do for you.

Don't suffer through another day with a headache, when there could be such an easy answer. Visit us today to see if the NTI-tss dental splint could be effective migraine treatment for you.

For More Information

For more information about Chicago migraine treatment, visit call us at 773-772-8400 to learn more about the details of the procedure, or request an appointment for a consultation.

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