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Live In Chicago? Snap On Smile Could Give You A Perfect Smile Today

Do you wish you had a Hollywood smile, but can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for a single veneer? Are you worried about the pain or permanence of dental implants? If you live in Chicago, Snap On Smile could be the solution for you. Snap on Smile is a temporary but realistic looking solution to teeth that could be whiter, straighter, have fewer gaps, or have other cosmetic defects.

Chicago Snap On Smile: An Instant New Look

Getting a Snap On Smile means that you will instantaneously have a brand new, white, straight smile. You can choose from 23 different shades and 18 different styles, so you'll be sure to find the perfect Snap On Smile to suit your facial features. The financial investment is significantly smaller, but a Snap On Smile lasts only about three years.

When you go in for a Snap On Smile consultation, your dentist will explain the procedure, and then take photos of your existing teeth. He will show you the colors and styles available, and make recommendations as to which Snap On Smile he thinks will best suit your facial features. Two weeks later, your custom Snap On Smile, made of a durable but thin resin, will arrive. After teaching you how to painlessly snap it in and out, you'll walk out with a beautiful new smile.

Who Else Can Benefit From A Snap On Smile?

If you grind your teeth often, clench your teeth, or generally have worn down enamel, Snap On Smile could be a great solution. In addition, if you're having your teeth ground down in preparation for crowns, Snap On Smile can make it so that you don't have to be embarrassed of your smile while waiting.

If someone is getting ready for a big event or special occasion, and does not have the time of money to get a permanent new smile, Snap On Smile would be very beneficial. Lastly, if you're considering one of the more costly or painful procedures, but are hesitant, Snap On Smile can give you a taste of what it feels like to be proud of your smile.

To ensure that your Snap On Smile lasts as long as possible, make sure you take it out after eating to clean it. Do not sleep with your Snap On Smile still in, and ensure you don't squeeze or bend the resin, as it is not invincible.

For More Information

For more information from Big Smile Dental about Snap On Smiles in Chicago visit us for a free consultation. We can be reached at 773-772-8400 or you can e-mail us at info@BigSmileDental.com.

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