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Types of Dental Crowns Available in Cosmetic Dentistry

A Smiling Woman Dental crowns are the crowning glory of cosmetic dentistry in the true sense of the word. They help to restore the functionality as well as aesthetics in a near-perfect way, as long as the crown fabrication and placement procedure is performed by experienced professionals. Crown technology has grown along with the advancements in ceramic technology. Very fine qualities of porcelain are used in cosmetic dentistry nowadays to produce crowns that are almost as hard and as good looking as the natural, healthy teeth.

Porcelain crowns are widely used because of their inherent cosmetic value. Porcelain has natural properties of translucence, just like tooth enamel, so it acquires the natural color of teeth quite closely. That makes it a preferred choice, particularly for the front teeth that are visible to outsiders.

Metal crowns made of different alloys are still in use for the posterior teeth where the grinding forces are very strong, and porcelain may not be able to withstand the pressure for too long. However, metal crowns may begin to appear dark over a period of time, giving an unsightly appearance, even if they are used for back teeth.

Gold crowns are, in fact, the most perfect solution for posterior teeth. Gold is one of the strongest materials available and it is highly biocompatible as well. Once you acquire a gold crown from a skilled cosmetic dentist, chances are that you will not need to get it replaced for a few decades, or even a lifetime.

Some innovative manufacturers have also tried to create fusion crowns in an attempt to combine the aesthetic values of porcelain and the strength of metal. However, if the porcelain portion breaks, the crown is useless anyway. So this solution may not really serve any grander purpose than the others. There are also unique options such as CEREC one-day crowns that are good for patients who want to minimize their dental visits. You need to discuss your situation with an expert cosmetic dentist to decide what types of crowns are best suited for your condition.

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