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Why Those With Diabetes Require A Dentist With An Expertise In Diabetic Dental Practices

Dr. Theodore SiegleWhether you were diagnosed last month or you’ve been living with the disease for years, diabetes can be both frustrating and limiting. You must remain aware of your blood glucose levels while observing strict dietary and exercise habits.

Your doctor has likely designed a lifestyle maintenance plan that allows you to manage and control your blood glucose levels. However, without the proper attention given to your oral health, your diabetes can pose serious problems.

Today, I’ll explain why diabetics should find a dentist who has experience in treating oral disorders that are related to the condition.

The Danger Of Gum Disease

Tooth If you’re diabetic, you are far more vulnerable to gingivitis and periodontitis. What’s more, the older you get, the more vulnerable you become. Plaque and tartar allow bacteria to cause an infection, leading to inflammation in your gums.

The problem worsens if you failed to manage your blood glucose levels during the early stages of the disease. If the gum disease is not treated quickly, controlling your blood glucose levels becomes more difficult.

Once you find a dentist who has expertise in treating diabetics, he’ll help you prevent gum disease and treat it, if necessary. He’ll be familiar with the diabetes and can quickly diagnose dental issues that are related to condition.

Treatment Interaction

Staff Your primary care doctor may prescribe one or more medications to help you control your blood glucose levels. However, they can pose a problem with regards to your oral health.

First, there are hundreds of medications that cause dry mouth. The loss of saliva can prevent the bacteria in your mouth from being washed away, making you more vulnerable to gum disease.

Second, the medication that your doctor prescribes to you may have a harsh reaction to the materials used by your dentist. When you find a dentist who is familiar with treating diabetic patients, they’ll take the necessary precautions to prevent complications.

They’ll have your updated medical file on hand with information about the medications you’re taking. Not only will that ensure the dental procedures they perform are successful, but will also help avoid health issues that arise from mixing medications. Try to find a dentist who understands the inherent dangers of your condition.

Importance Of Diabetic Dental Practices

If you’re living with diabetes, you know firsthand how tenuous your health is. For example, if your blood glucose levels plummet, you might experience symptoms related to hypoglycemia. Dentists who are unfamiliar with the disease may unwittingly suggest that you forgo eating before a procedure. Or, they may move forward with oral surgery when your blood glucose levels are too high. They may use materials that cause a harmful reaction to the medication prescribed by your doctor. Plus, they won’t know how to respond to emergencies related to diabetes.

At Big Smile Dental, we understand the increased exposure to health risks that your condition poses. We communicate openly with you and if necessary, your doctor to ensure your short and long-term health – because your health is our top concern!


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