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Dentistry For Diabetics - Diabetic Friendly Foods For A Healthy Smile

FruitesDentistry for diabetics is more than just teaching people how to properly brush their teeth. As a premier cosmetic dentist practice, we not only teach proper brushing habits. We also strive to educate our diabetic patients about how diabetes and dentistry go together and how it’s possible to find healthy, diabetic safe snacks, meals and desserts that kids and adults alike will love.

Diabetes And Dentistry Safe Snacks

As a Chicago diabetic dentist, I realize that snacking is an important part of managing diabetes, whether you’ve been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2. Diabetics need to make sure they’re including healthy snacks into their diets and carefully manage their blood sugar. Oftentimes, patients come in and ask what types of snacks are safe for both diabetes and dentistry - so here’s a list of simple and healthy options that’s easy to grab on a moment’s notice.

Peanut butter makes a great dip for many different items so you’ll never get tired of it and is a great food for diabetics because it has a low glycemic index. In simple terms, this means that peanut butter and other low glycemic foods are digested more slowly, which leads to a gradual increase in blood sugar instead of a rush. Pair peanut butter with apple slices or whole-wheat crackers for a healthy, diabetes and dentistry safe snack. Just make sure to brush and floss well afterwards since peanut butter can tend to stick around.

Other diabetes and dentistry safe snacks include raw veggies with low-fat dip, and trail mix.

Mighty Meals

Meals can be a tricky thing to plan when considering dentistry for diabetics. High blood sugar can cause a higher than normal amount of sugar and starches in their mouths, which leads to an increase of plaque build-up. Because of this, it’s important to choose meals low in sugar to try to decrease the impact of plaque.

For instance, instead of pasta made with regular white flour, choose one made from whole grains. People with diabetes often find that a ‘whole foods’ diet, one that creates meals from scratch instead of relying on processed foods, helps control their blood sugar. While it may seem like more work, a whole foods diet can be easier than you might think. Many of our patients who come in with diabetes and dentistry concerns find that meal planning helps dramatically. A few simple meals that are okay for both your diabetes and dentistry can look like this:
  • Baked chicken and brown rice
  • Pizza with whole-wheat thin crust and lots of veggies
  • Turkey sandwiches with whole grain bread, lettuce and tomato
  • Baked salmon with a side salad

Delicious Desserts Safe For Both Diabetes and Dentistry

Many of our patients come in and expect that diabetes and dentistry combined means no more sweet desserts. Between your diabetes and your teeth, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a sweet treat every now and again - just adjust your diet for it and brush afterwards. Some quick and easy dessert ideas compatible with dentistry for diabetics are sugar free pudding cups or fresh fruit with unsweetened yogurt. But even a small slice of cake isn’t off limits. Diabetics just need to plan and swap out a high carb food in order to enjoy a piece a cake.

If your condition changes between visits, be sure to let your cosmetic dentist know. Dentistry for diabetics can require extra care and we want to make sure you’re receiving the best care possible when you’re in our Chicago dentist chair!

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