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Getting treatment for your Bulimia Nervosa for your Oral Health

Dentist with a Patient Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder resulting in continuous vomiting. This continuous vomiting also has adverse effects on the teeth. Stomach acids waste away tooth enamel leading to gingivitis, tooth decay, and discoloration. If you suffer from this condition, avoid brushing your teeth after vomiting. The rough substances in toothpastes are likely to harm tooth enamel already made sensitive by stomach acid. It would be a good idea to rinse your mouth out will with water. When brushing, it is recommended to use toothpaste with fluoride to reduce sensitivity and strengthen teeth.

Practicing good oral hygiene slows tooth erosion. Left untreated, severe erosion can lead to tooth extraction. Bulimic indulge and purge can form cavities, tooth loss, and bleeding of the gums. So what protects you against these harmful conditions? Together with brushing, flossing and rinsing regularly, your own saliva too has particular chemicals to protect your teeth against cavities. You can increase the formation of saliva by chewing sugarless gum. Your dentist may also recommend application of special sealants and varnishes to stop cavities.

Tooth filling and gum disease treatment can be done while being treated for bulimia. A cap or dental crown will repair severely damaged teeth. However, this is only possible after vomiting is controlled. It also helps to avoid eating or drinking anything sour, as the after effect is similar to stomach acid. Always wash your mouth with water to counteract the acid and do not eat, drink, or brush your teeth for a couple of hours after vomiting.

To maintain good oral health, be mindful of not only what you eat and drink, but how and when you eat. Patients with bulimia may crave for alcohol or drugs which are harmful for your dental health. You may want to talk to your dentist about the medicine and dosages you take for Bulimia Nervosa, as this may influence your dental treatments.

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